Long Distance Learning Weapon Throwing Program

My email letsgrapple@gmail.com 904-778-6541 Testimonials: Travis Dempsey “TheCombatKnifeThrower” is an excellent mentor/instructor, who can, and does tech an immense range of knife throwing…

8 thoughts on “Long Distance Learning Weapon Throwing Program

  1. Danny Ridenhour says:

    Yea, for a fellow like me throwing knives for over 50 years. From the woods of NC to here in FL. I would not throw with RC, he would just put me to shame. I told RC when I first meet him that there is no way a guy can throw a knife for more than 10 to 15 feet and it not turn. NO WAY! That is against nature, man. That is what I told RC the first time I saw him.

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