London bus, knife attack 2017

For any licensing requests please contact This is Stoke Newington. 149 Bus on Tuesday 11th April 2017.

46 thoughts on “London bus, knife attack 2017

  1. T. M says:

    you not only didnt help. you pulled out a phone and recorded it. you didnt even yell for help. youre an absolute piece of shit cuck. are all brits like this? no wonder brits talk shit about americans gun rights because all of you but your soldiers have vaginas. us women have more courage in their body than you do. you are the cuck of all cucks. i am officially giving you the cuck award of 2017. do you wana say anything to the fans?

    i bet cucks are even laughing at you.

  2. povang says:

    Oh its Europe, land where a person can brutally murder another person, and get less than 5 years in a prison that has better living conditions than a 4 star hotel. Where cops cant shot you outright and criminals are pandered too. A criminals paradise.

  3. NitroAmi says:

    Why wasn't anyone helping?

    While he was distracting him someone should have grabbed the knife away or knocked the cunt out instead of watching. The bro could have gotten stabbed.

  4. paul bellenie says:

    The man stopping the knife attack is a real HERO, I have no doubt the wanker with knife would stabbed alot of people and maybe killing some in the process. As soon as he was disarmed he ran like the fucking coward that he is, I also think this was a lone wolf attack and the guy who stopped him is a real HERO and deserves a medal, God bless you Sir and thank you for your bravery and you have my total respect..

  5. Bob Saint-Clair says:

    Seriously, what's with the all the racist comments?
    All I see is bunch of white people not helping the guy who in the end possibly saved their lives.
    And that last proclamation is movie quote like.

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