– SAS – Self Defence Training.flv

extrait d’une video sur le close combat des fameux commandos anglais les SAS.

31 thoughts on “ – SAS – Self Defence Training.flv

  1. Nobby Nolevel says:

    If some cunt's pointing a gun at you at a range of 3 feet and you scream in his face, the chances are, you're going to get shot.
    Who is this prick because I doubt very much that he was in the SAS?

  2. Edwardcho Vaklinov says:

    Sorry sir, i have a question – how is someone supposed to practice this and overcome the adrenaline in a real situation if he hasn't been in any army or hasn't been a police officer , who has experience in this field?

  3. Ethered the unerdy says:

    SAS is huynya, and so is SIS, they call armed police with MP5s to come and defend them in their own country. they can only beat up junkies with no martial arts training who have been awake for 2 days and get dropped to the ground like noobs

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