Live Kung Fu Training With Sifu Phu Ngo



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11 thoughts on “Live Kung Fu Training With Sifu Phu Ngo

  1. Tim says:

    Sifu Phu Ngo…I've watched many of your videos. I'm beginning with watching your videos…but will soon join a local training facility that teaches Wing Chun. My issue with your videos is that your "opponents" are using martial art arm and wrist attacks that match what you're teaching. What about a real street fight. The opponent in question is probably not throwing punches as you show in your demos. An untrained "citizen" will be punching straight, round houses, hooks and uppercuts. Besides showing opponents that are throwing what you may expect and can handle at lightning speed……what about someone throwing "street fighting" flailing punches, straight non-martial arts type punches. In other words, what I'm seeing here isn't possibly what I would encounter in the real world. If you have a video on that let me know. GREAT clips…especially on body placement and fast, powerful punches. Well done!!!

  2. Wushu X says:

    Sifu Phu, first just want to say I trained under you many years ago, but I wanted to compliment you on this video. You should post it under Chi Sao live training because it could really help so many people to understand Chi Sao, but also this is one of the best videos I have seen you do that truly shows NDN. It is such an eye opener, it is so difficult to explain to people about converting energy, but this video is amazing, this really shows what sets you apart from other teachers, still not the same as really feeling it, but as close as you can get. And yes; Sifu Phu makes this stuff look easy, but it takes years of training to break natural reactions and bad habits, and even for those it comes to more naturally, there is always a higher level. When you start to grasp it, it is very rewarding and fun to learn. No matter the style you are doing, it will drastically improve your ability. Sifu, Hope you leave this up on YouTube, people need to see it. Thanks!


    Very good explanation! Been doing WC for years never had this. Explains why the start is without arms, set the base! then the rest. How can I train this? Love to come to you but I am in Australia. The Sil Lim Tau, or Chum kiu alone won't do it. Grateful for your broadcast.

  4. RavenToe says:

    Whoa! Awesome job u guys . Grats to my kungfufam on hitting 70K subs! That is a milestone for sure especially for a channel that actually provides quality material and not just plagiarized

    sensationalist click bait drivel. Nicely done , keep up the great work <3 %%-

  5. shadowcast1975 says:

    Really live your vids, I have been lucky to be able to train with Sifu Benny Meng here in Dayton Ohio.we are told to be carfull of who we watch and such on intetnet so not to develop bad habbits. I can easyly see that you teach correct form and such and I really like the way you break things down and esplain,and you guys seem like really cool people as well

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