LIVE double sticks Kali training session. Let's go!



Grab your double sticks and train with me right now! Join Kali Center University today at Get a monthly or yearly subscription to KCU …

26 thoughts on “LIVE double sticks Kali training session. Let's go!

  1. dandl doouu says:

    40° sound kind of funny to an european ear whos used to °Celsius and seeing you wearing long sleeves and a hat. 40°C would be a very hot summer day.

  2. Francisco Gomez says:

    Fantastic! Thank you so much! I am still working on rehabilitation of my hip but also working with my single and double sticks. Sorry also still working open hand with my TKD hand and kali knife moves. PS: Ill send pics of my home made sticks and practice knives!

  3. Michael Lundy says:

    Eagle Martial Arts: training atH2HCTC "Hand 2 Hand, Combat Training Center", Hayden, ID … with Professor; Major Michael Foley (Chief Instructor) Awesome stuff!!! Thanks for what you add to the art… love it!!!

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