20 thoughts on “LINE Training (FULL)

  1. Henry Rappleyea says:

    How well would this hold up against someone who knows what they are doing. Who in their friggen minds attacks by trying to choke from the front? And stomping on the head is not a kill I've done it there is not enough force or weight for it to work for guys who are lighter like I. Especially if the guy knows how to fight from the ground. I had to use mcmap in a street fight. I kicked his ass and smeared his blood all over the ground until the fight required me to actually go to the ground to keep him from escaping. Mcmap saved my life but I think it could be improved with Jujitsu

  2. Aurelio Benavidez says:

    Why the USMC didn't combine L.I.N.E, WII Combatives, and MCMAP is beyond me. When I was in from 1999 to 2003 we learned L.I.N.E in boot camp but it was replaced my MCMAP in 2001. I prefered L.I.N.E, but Corps should of just combined the two. Whats kind of funny is that L.I.N.E close combat encounter would almost end with an axe stomp to the face.

  3. DAN THMAN says:

    I remember this stuff.  they don't teach a lot of it at bootcamp.  infact what you learn in bootcamp isn't even that much compared to how much more there is to line.  they taught up to line 6 but gos much higher.  after doing mcmap and line, mcmap is ok if you learn everything but most have no desire to.  in the basic line training, you were learning to kill from line 1.  but like what was said, you need to practice it.  it was easier to learn and retain line training.  they designed it to be simple to learn but effective in seriously hurting someone unlike mcmap where you wont get into actual killing moves until later.  by then after the torture of body hardening marines don't want to do it anymore.

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