Libre Fighting World Wide (knife, martial arts, fma)

Footage of Libre Fighting practitioners from the USA, UK and Indonesia working “the Blender” DVDs, Books, Locations, …

6 thoughts on “Libre Fighting World Wide (knife, martial arts, fma)

  1. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    Thanks for responding. That makes sense, I guess when it's that close"kina mutai" isn't as high a priority. I am highly considering the long distance learning in the future. Just out of curiosity do you ever do any knife-throwing? Obviously, it isn't go-to-tactic but neither is archery (which was a phenomenal video BTW) If you get a chance check out my channel and let me know what you think. I'd love to answer any questions and thanks for uploadind the great videos. Keep it up!

  2. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    It is interesting how all these guys use a reverse grip or icepick hold. Is that part of the system? Personally I am like 5'6 and need any reach advantage I can get so I ussually prefer the sabre grip or whatever you want to call it. Great footage guys thanks.

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