Libre Fighting – Why We Train the Way We Do (FMA, Knife Fighting, Martial Arts)

Explaining the thought process behind our training methods. Locations, Seminars, Books, DVDs, Distance Training.

6 thoughts on “Libre Fighting – Why We Train the Way We Do (FMA, Knife Fighting, Martial Arts)

  1. Mike Reis says:

    I totally thumbs up this video because these are absolutely good reasons for training. I totally agree with you. That's why are there are so many stab wounds when dealing with knife attacks alone. Motion means you're never going to get it perfect every time. Close quarters is the best way to go when fighting anyway. Great stuff Scott!

  2. metaldj23 says:

    I think the points you have answered are what makes the difference between real self defence and "movie" fights. I saw a video where a man was shot by the police at point blank range in the upper centre chest and still carried on fighting for a long time, before dropping dead. Keep up the good work.

  3. Joel Huncar says:

    This is an excellent explanation for anyone to understand the difference between sport minded arnis and survival based arnis. Thanks for doing what you do, your mindset about reality is in my humble opinion very honest and realistic. We try to maintain a balance between that reality and other aspects of arnis in our trainining such as sport arnis and simple cultural heritage. The nice thing is this video will help me explain to my students why all balintawak drills are so close. Salamat Po

  4. georgia morrison says:

    Nice video. People need to understand that the sort of guy who goes out to cut people tend not to have the same concerns for themselves that most people have. This means that they are not as concerned with the smart arse dueling tactics that most of us use in our sparring (with or without weapons). This means that there will be no long range, just straight in.

    Hope you are all well. Really like your videos

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