Libre Fighting (knife fighting, fma, filipino martial arts)

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37 thoughts on “Libre Fighting (knife fighting, fma, filipino martial arts)

  1. Juuzou Suzuya says:

    I'm gonna open up your gut real fast, cut out a couple of your tendins at the same time ill be cutting your throat then when you fall to the ground gasping ill pound you in the face with a few hundred elbows the grab your head and break it open on the pavement 🙂 badass. I shall study this fighting technique!

  2. djeq721 says:


    Also your body is open, an uppercut to the jaw could sneak it's way in and the top of the head is exposed but it's still a useful block, with is probably the last line of defence after moving the target (you) or parrying the shot, I still like the "blocks" that "Re-inforce the target" as I say as they are still good, this one seems to offer great protection to the face though, been using it in some drills today, thank you for showing me it!

  3. BUDAISEI88 says:

    @LibreFighting I have seen a lot of shit in youtube bout people that teach you how to fight in the streets and stuff like that, but this is NOT one of those, I have some experience and as some one with field experience I can tell you guys are as real as it gets, nice vid.

  4. rrkali says:

    it was a good and a highly recommend system. I very rarely to say a word to any video here but you rock me Guys.

    Rapido Realismo Kali group will definitely like to see you progress. Goodluck.

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