Libre Fighting — Knife Fighting Applications for: DVDs Locations Information A demonstration of knife fighting applications. The LFA is located in San Diego, Ca.

41 thoughts on “Libre Fighting — Knife Fighting Applications

  1. Frode Hauge says:

    It's called practice. Look it up.

    I can't speak for this system, but I do Filipino knife techniques and some drills are similar to those shown here, while others focus on countering and how to handle those situations. Point being, they are drills, not an assumption of how a fight will go. You're training muscle memory, and as your training progresses you will naturally segue from one move or pattern to another as the need arises.

  2. XGraveXX says:

    None of this will help you in a real combat situation. All this is, is nothing more then flashy movie style fighting. Notice how each opponent just stops and stands still, letting the people cut them? That is not how it will be. None of this is realistic, Never expect your opponent to be predictable. A fight is irrational and quick. Not like this. Good for Hollywood. Not so great for protecting yourself.

  3. ZodiacProd says:

    the amount of over"kill" cutting at the end of each sequence seems a bit much and it does not take into account a real world scenario in the sense that if you stabbed someone in the neck, he is not gonna continue standing so that you can cut him up further, stabbing someone in the arm pit might make him collapse to a side or backwards etc. also another problem i see with many other knife systems is, they completely forget that the attacker still has a knife! does no one bother to disarm 1st?

  4. Jose Campodonico says:

    I have been in the martial arts almost all my life and I know how to defend my self. But your system is fresh. I would look into adding a few low kicks, jujisu or akido throws from stand up. Wish we could train together but I'm broke and married with children.

  5. bladesociety says:

    @SexyParty154 Hello, it's better if you use your dominant hand when holding a bladed weapon since it's faster, stronger, and you're more used to using it (Even better if you train to use either hand, in case your dominant hand gets injured). Regarding the stance, you lead with your dominant side, kind of like in fencing, for maximum reach, and to get your weapon where you want it faster than the other guy. For self-defense purposes only, mind you, my friend!

  6. GreatestCreation909 says:

    lol, all killing strikes. better be okay with the consequences if your gonna use this on the street. Most likely end up in prison for stabbing a dude's neck 3 times and slashing down their back to finish them. (youtube viewers)

  7. fanthor says:

    @heirihunziker its the same for ancient martial arts( i say ancient because most died, leaving uneffiecient sports) you are trained to see how much damage you will do, see how much horror it will do, and even if you acciddently do it the first time, you will never ever do it again, unless in great need.

  8. guru2u67 says:

    @LibreFighting This is very true. It's so hard to film in a manner that really reflects your true intent. If your too combat oriented in video, the untrained person will not understand. On anther note training is always done in a progressive manner and understanding the technique always comes before we can train with resistance.

  9. Methodtraining says:

    @sputnikdx Even if an assault begins with out a weapon; your empty hand techniques and tactics are used so that you can fight your way to your weapon. Gun, knife, whatever you carry!! Teaching anything else is completely irresponsible and in my mind borders on criminal! That empty hand vs. weapon shit will get you killed on the street. Look at guys like Itay Gil from Israel. Knife attacker (he blasts in the face) breaks contact and shoots him to the ground that is real! And so is Libre.

  10. Methodtraining says:

    @sputnikdx More artistic? Libre is pure function. Can you clarify this statement "hardly any of these moves would be smart to perform….." Why do you consider unarmed vs armed "self-defense?" Unarmed vs armed means time to kiss your wife, kids and ass goodbye. Unarmed vs. armed is not self-defense, it is pure fantasy. In combatives "the situation demands the action." Clearly an assailant with a knife demands equal or greater force to stop, if escape is impossible.

  11. Chant457 says:

    In response to Mydeadguy: We have a saying in my system, "Throw your knife – lose your life."
    To Mr. Babb – I can do without the music (at my age) LOL! But you and your students are very impressive. Very much like my system with the flow of blocks, cuts, and passoffs. I look forward to seeing more of your demos posted. Thank you very much.

  12. apercussionist91 says:

    I take JKD and we do a lot of knife fighting. I gotta say I like what I see here. I'm sure just like in my practice it's not quite as pretty as it is in this video. Ha, fighting never is though is it? Great trapping skills and tapi tapi though. Keep it up man.

  13. xekxkox says:

    Cool demos, Do you guys have videos showing non-static stuff or sparring? I would like to see how this all goes down with someone resisting hard. Cool black uniforms btw 😉

  14. 1EmergingCenter says:

    I do not understand the people who are complaining that these moves are lethal. This is a MARTIAL art, people. People who go to the gun range are also training to kill – are you posting horrified comments on every marksmanship video?

    The art is what it is, and its up to the instructor to choose who he teaches, put things in context, and be responsible. Its also up to the student to use their discretion and common sense.

  15. CypherVirus says:

    These knife moves are killing moves. Knife training like that is training to murder someone. This is not self defense, and you would go to jail for a very long time if you killed someone "defending" yourself. Knives can be deadlier then a gun. A long slice up the body will open many blood vessels and a slash the to inside of a thigh can sever the femoral artery and cause death in minutes. I would never "defend" myself by attempting to kill my attacker. Disabling is preferred to murder. My $.02

  16. FireBrand975 says:

    Awesome video and I'm sure this has to do more with the fighting style, but I feel like this is too lethal of a technique for real life if that makes sense… Disabling and disarming seems more useful like ASP.

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