20 thoughts on “Let’s talk about dagger fighting | forward grip VS reverse grip

  1. David Brož says:

    This is how I see this,

    Point up is better when you fight at "long range" meaning that you need to take a step forward to be able to hit your opponent. It has a slightly better reach and it gives you more options, more angles to stab your opponent in the chest the main target in that style of fight.

    Point down is better when at "close range" meaning you are basically hugging each other. You don't need that reach and it is easier to stab with that limited space.

    Since in middle ages were full of armor point up was not really useful since the places that it are easier to stab with point up are covered in armor. You needed to get really close to hit these in armor and more power to actually penetrate the chain mail.

    Later on when there was less armor the point up became more useful since you don't start the fight hugging (usually) and there was nothing that would make stabbing into chest pointless.

  2. David Briggs says:

    Back in 1971, I was taught by the U.S. Army Infantry, that when in a knife fight, hold the blade down, with the thumb closest to the blade. This was for two reasons, first holding it the other way is easier to defend against, and secondly the blade is going against the much softer belly, rather then against the harder ribs. Hence, if I was going to use a knife against an opponent, I'd hold the blade DOWNWARD, unless my opponent is armored. In that case, I'd hold the blade upward (as in the ice pick, with the thumb farthest from the blade. That way I can use the blade against “soft” points in the armor such as the openings in the face, or against chain mail. That way, I can get that much force behind my hand by using not just two hands, but by putting my weight against the blade.

  3. Jason Bean says:

    I was taught to use the tonfa, primarily in defense, to protect the inner upper arm. by extension, any weapon about the length of the forearm can be used in a defensive fashion with the reverse grip.

  4. Zaren k says:

    in my opinion it's more about where you are aiming.

    If you want to stab the belly, hammer grip is pretty crap unless they are on their back.

    Whereas trying to get the knife in side of someones neck, hammer grip is superior, more force.

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