Lethal Ninja Weapons You'll NEVER Want to Encounter

Ninjas need a lot of skills to use their weapons and they start practicing at a young age. Here we take a look at the most lethal ninja weapons. Subscribe for new …

45 thoughts on “Lethal Ninja Weapons You'll NEVER Want to Encounter

  1. 21crim says:

    Shuriken were a samurai weapon, not a ninja as a ninja's purpose was to infiltrate and gather info or to cause people to revolt. Since iron was extremely expensive back then if a ninja who was trying to remain discreet were caught with such a weapon they would immediately have their cover blown. Also shuriken have been known to be very unreliable especially if you're trying to take down a moving target. So you're "number 1" is a complete stereotype and huge misunderstanding of what the ninja were all about.

  2. ツDaKi says:

    Shurikens aren't that useful because is hard to master it and even harder to shot something when moving and boring to bring more weight, samurai used shurikens ninja need to be like wind he can't be seen

  3. Punk Last says:

    whats actually funny is alot of japanese assassins and ninjutsu operatives never really used throwing weapons much it existed yes but because it was so inaccurate and ineffective… Which was very difficult if you had throw someone at a distance and would always be in effective so they rarely even carried them at all :p…

    Jinichi Kawakami actually talked about it in an interview.. he is the last living ninjutsu master thats known to the world and talks about the origin of its existence :p

  4. Mr. Unknown says:

    shuriken is not a weapon of a ninja or (shinobi-no-mono)
    they don't used it because it's very useless and they easily caught if it might fall
    the shuriken is used by a samurai
    not the ninja

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