Lesson 6 one handed drills

This video covers not only one handed strik drills but thrusts aswell. How to make them and a little on the battle that happens in the mind.

10 thoughts on “Lesson 6 one handed drills

  1. SomeGuy says:

    That drill with the cards is excellent. I have yet to try it, but I can tell already that it's unrivaled when training for precision in thrust attacks. I'll definitely use this for my boffer group. 😀

  2. Will Gray says:

    i also teach that novice and even mid range students are forbiden to ude any form of power swing. Only when one has peroven Controll has been learned do I allow for more.

  3. Will Gray says:

    I agree up to a point. One of the things that I have learned is that the more training you have the more you expect certain ways of attacks, based on training. A novice is true chaos on the field. Usually a danger to themselves and others. You can only block what you can comprehend, and Novices are known for there lack of order. Thus that chaos can win out over experience, and it is not always luck.

  4. Will Gray says:

    In the end it is both. I agree that in the end what we use more is sword play, rather than sword fighting…BUT this is also begining level stuff. I am first teaching tech, which is needed before I get into style of other weapons and stuff you would want to know for a REAL confrontation. I am a big believer in learning how to walk, so that you will be prepared to run. Untill you can have the weapon be a part of you, and understand the ins and outs, you are still concidered novice swinginga stick

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