17 thoughts on “Legal Knife for NYC EDC Knife laws NYC and SELF DEFENSE LAW

  1. Bear Chili says:

    Thank you for this, first time visiting NYC. From Texas, have lived out in the country in Hawaii for over 20 years since, used to always carrying a blade of some kind and don't care to compromise on that, this was helpful, you're a superstar in my book.

  2. Kuyog Garimot says:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to make this video. I'm moving to NYC from Florida and im used to carrying a 9mm and a blade. Nice to know I can at least have something legally.

  3. Joseph B. says:

    One caveat though, nowhere in NYS is carrying for self-defense legal. If you use that phrase it can and potentially will be used to prove you were carrying with ill-intent, IE Intent it use it as a weapon. Be it offensive or defensive. You can use it in self defense, like you would any tool, but you can't say it is why you are carrying it. I was fairly sure it was 3 inches though. Maybe NYC defines a gravity knife is different but the NYS definition of a gravity knife isn't whether it locks or not. It matters how it is opened. If it can open through gravity or centrifugal force THEN locks, it is a gravity knife. Simply having a locking knife doesn't make it a gravity knife. Most people are better off carrying pepperspray. If you don't know how to use a knife, you just handed the attacker something to stab you with on top of pissing them off further.

  4. xdeadmeatx says:

    smart lady, thanks for showing this off. I got arrested for a folder purchased IN NEW YORK. I've only carried a swiss army knife since but want an EDC that's more rough and tumble. Definitely going for a fixed blade now.

  5. Genesis Marriquin says:

    I used to carry a pocket knife but after seeing videos of horror stories for exposed clip and making a regular folding knife look like a "gravity knife" by police, I turned to edc fixed blades.

  6. Genesis Marriquin says:

    I either carry Crkt Skoshi Obake or if I know I'm going certain places then I carry the bigger brother Obake (under 3") or Crkt Akari. Those knives are awesome for carry conceal. Cold steel double agent you have is a nice blade, I want one.

  7. flukom says:

    My concern as to legality of this particular knife is that, it can be argued, it was designed to be, primarily, a weapon; regardless of any claim to it's use otherwise.
    (The fingerholes, the curvature of the blade, the clip point & the pommel) The law is pretty open ended, intentionally. Edit: Also may be considered metal knuckles (NYS 265.01 [1]), also read People v. Singleton, 127 Misc. 2d 735 (Crim. Ct. New York 1985.)

    NYS Penal Law 265.15 [4] The possession by any person of the substance as specified in
    section 265.04 is presumptive evidence of possessing such substance with
    intent to use the same unlawfully against the person or property of
    another if such person is not licensed or otherwise authorized to
    possess such substance. The possession by any person of any dagger,
    dirk, stiletto, dangerous knife or any other weapon, instrument,
    appliance or substance designed, made or adapted for use primarily as a
    weapon, is presumptive evidence of intent to use the same unlawfully
    against another.

  8. moon naza says:

    Hey i also live in nyc manhattan, so is legal to carry a fix knife that under 4 inches? How bout mace? I use to carry both in the past, but the laws haven a lil tricky here. I have less then 4 inch fix blade kbar knife with a holster. Nice knife
    This is the knife
    TDI Law Enforcement Knife Combo Blade

  9. Joseph Loya says:

    never tell the cops your fixed blade is for self defence. tell them it's for utility purposes. work cutting boxes whatever just never say self defence and they can't do Jack.

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