24 thoughts on “Legal Carry Self Defence Items (U.K Weapons and Defence)

  1. eme nem says:

    feel for you guys over there. many places here have reinstated concealed carry….but the business side of policing in this country insures now days if the law is called, somebody or everybody is going to jail….they got to get that bond and court money! if your kids get into a fight in the front yard with each other and a passer by calls the law…in some cases it's juvenile jail! some things are being made right all over but there are still weird situations that happen that use to not mean jail. but living here in the U.S. if it comes down to defending yourself, many of us are already carrying something.

  2. WeaponCollector says:

    ****U.K KNIFE CARRY WARNING*****Although I mention that sub 3 inch blade knives without a lock are legal to carry, you can still get arrested for carrying it anyway, especially if acting suspiciously or aggressively, and even just if the police feel like arresting you for it at the time *****CARRY A "LEGAL CARRY" KNIFE AT YOUR OWN RISK AND BE PREPARED TO BE ARRESTED IF CAUGHT****

  3. zhain0 says:

    they may be legal but i can tell you now they will try and have you for those knives, my friend is a chef and he got arrested and kept in a cell overnight for having his chef knives on him. they even managed to caution him and any legal action he tried to take was shut down so fast he just gave up in the end. cant stand the laws in this country

  4. blue camera productions says:

    I was mainly looking for a homemade type thing like a mini spray bottle with something that burns the eyes or irritates them i got muged at a cash point now i know some basic self defence and punched him in the throat and a swift knee to the chest and balls he had a knuckles duster on him which is i took the risk but after that iv been carrying a small lynx can to spray in the eyes but feel like i need somthing small but leathal any ideas ?

  5. Gunner221 says:

    This is so sad for the English people. I carry a 9mm (16 shot ) Smith&Wesson everywhere I go. Not having the ability to defend myself or family would be a nightmare. You guys need to change your government to one that actually cares about your safety.

  6. Gunner221 says:

    The UK government has truly made the population defenseless. What does the government fear? Only governments that fear their citizens would render them unable to defend themselves.

  7. PESTIL3NCE says:

    If you carry anything & you state its purpose is for self defence, you will be arrested for possession of an offensive weapon because you "intend" to cause harm with it, literally anything, & you can be arrested for carrying a torch I've had police try arrest me for "going equipped" simply because i had a torch, all they have 2 do is say you were acting suspiciously & you could use it to look inside vehicles & homes, basically you can carry literally nothing for "self defence" carry a "tactical pen" or a legal blade but under no circumstance do you say they are for self defence, even in your own home owning literally anything for "self defence" will get you arrested especially if you injure or kill an intruder. They purposefully make the law insanely vague so they can still arrest you even if you have done nothing illegal, under this new retarded knife law, with the wording they use basically any knife with a cutting edge / handle or wording on the blade could be classed as a "zombi weapon" even a legal carry blade could get you arrested, & they are going 2 make it even worse by banning delivery of any knife from online retailers, "to prevent knife crime" hmmm 98% of knife crime is committed with kitchen knives the rest with screwdrivers scissors, broken bottles & so on, no criminal has ever gone online, bought a 2-4 hundred pound bushcraft knife & then stabbed someone with it, that is the government passing another retarded law just so they can appear to be doing something while actually doing nothing to reduce knife crime, it does however take more rights away & further disarm law abiding citizens, basically these laws don't impact criminals in anyway, all they do is fuck over everyone else to the point where you can't even have knives in your own home.

  8. Tim McC says:

    to my knowledge theres two offences you could find yourself in trouble with "offensive weapons" and then there is "points and blades". Like to be proven wrong on this but to my knowledge there is nothing written down that the blade has to be over 3 inches for it to be deemed offensive. Its just government trying to look like they are cracking down.

    As long as you have a justified reason to carry a machete (example) you wont be charged. Cant promise you wont be arrested.

    This video would have been really good if he mentioned some of the get out of jail cards you could pull if confronted by a constable.

  9. William Ferguson says:

    Someone with ACAB all cops are bastards tattooed on his knuckles suggests they have had cozy chats with the police before, may I venture a guess and suggest fighting?
    Now the secret to every day carry items being used for self defense is the words in the legislation, made or adapted. So even a one inch blade taped to a stick has been adapted to be more than a one inch blade with no other reasonable excuse for it being in your possession than to stab at people. Even in the right circumstances should you raise your Maglite torch above your shoulder to suggest striking down at someone has it become adapted, I know funny old world of the law, but if you are in a melee and you raise a torch above your head what would any reasonable person be expected to think you are going to do with but strike someone, especially if you are in a well lit area and you live in a well lit street and have no real need for a torch. Tactical pens, don't bother, you have to get in close to use them and if you are comfortable enough to get in close you probably don't need a pen. By the way exponents of the Kubaton recommend a blunt end for the blunt force with a greater possibility of breaking the likes of a collar bone. Make your own, finish the ends of with walking stick brass ferrules, decorate it and hang it round your neck as a decoration, or call it your fidget stick to 'keep your old arthritic fingers nimble', but be able to show them you can spin it.
    I always recommend a good walking stick, or 'walking aid' if challenged. Yes officer I'm walking alright now but I never know when the old injury football will strike me. I have quite a collection and an English company Barrington Swords does some nice heavy PVC ones that have good knobs on them, although I'd never strike down on the head, I'm inclined to train to use it as a rifle and bayonet type thrust to the solar plexus or groin, always keep your weapon between yourself and the attacker if you can, and don't be afraid to practice with it as it help with fitness and muscle memory.

  10. Thaigan Lee says:

    is a slapjack or pericord ( monkey fist) could be useful if allowed. zip ties if you have decent hand to hand even hand cuffs, rings, blindlight flashlight, tranqulizer dart pen. get creative carry a billards ball.

  11. Craig Tudor says:

    i also collect swiss knives i like 2 hold the swiss clenched in my fist with the 3inch blade out 1side an the saw sticking out the inside of my fist,so it makes a double sided tool while makin my fist solid with the clench of the handle.

  12. The Wood Dragon says:

    I'm so glad you mentioned right at the beginning that anything used for self-defence is immediately defined as illegal. The law is being changed again, self-defence is no longer a legal defence. An assailant would have to cause considerable harm to a person before that person is allowed to defend themselves. Scissors are not legal carry. 1. Any fixed blade is illegal carry. 2. Any folding blade over 3 inches / 75mm is illegal. 3. A fixed blade is classed as any material with a sharpened edge or point (literally a credit card).
    I've just realised that this comment is going to be completely wasted as at 12.30 I noticed the tattoo across your fingers. Seriously bad idea, probably a youthful mistake.
    No wonder honest, hard-working police officers take offence to your continued existence. LOL

  13. d says:

    Fuck the law if I'm getting attacked I'd use my martial arts lol but can deodorant spray and a lighter spray it and light it fuck the consequences that's what's wrong with our country in uk

  14. XXX Ghost-horse says:

    Haha I told my mom. Fled the USA to the uk years ago cuz 1 my mom is English and 2 my father ex navy seal use to abuse us daily for almost 2 decades. My mom has fabricated a story that self defence is legal. Shows you how fucked up humans are….. self defence is a crime…..

    So what about people who stab people and throw acid in thier face? How did they do that, how did people get ahold of drugs , how did that person kill that person? There are laws saying it's a crime…….. because humans are humans. From Dr's to police to a teacher to a factory worker etc. Some humans just like to be cruel. It still doesn't suprise me there are laws saying your Bassiclly not allowed to defend yourself while some one pulls out a blade or fire arm.

    Guns, blades etc ain't the problem. Humans are. I've always wondered what goes through some ones mind when they come up with self defence as a crime.

    Ignore the law. Would your rather be alive or dead/ beaten badly by a gang if pussies.

    Both the USA and uk seem to not give a fuck about rape. The amount of ppl I know on both sides of the pond who never saw justice is sickening.

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