Leg Scissors Takedown: Safety Tips

The leg scissors can be an effective takedown against a bad guy… and dangerous for your training partner! Join Coach Holly from Randy Brown Mantis Boxing …

23 thoughts on “Leg Scissors Takedown: Safety Tips

  1. Andre Goran says:

    Like so many other good old judo techniques, banned because competitors refuse to concede when good waza is applied and take ukemi. They fight all the way down and hurt themselves. Really unfortunate.

  2. Follow the howl says:

    Safety tip:
    Don't use a scissor clip/sweep!

    That shit is way too dangerous, especially for self defence.

    So many more efficient and safer takedowns, its better to sacrifice style for effectiveness

    2:16 2 peoples bodyweight slamming on top of you, on concrete? No thanks,
    Don't think this video is great because of that tbh

  3. NinjaDane says:

    In our system of Japanese jiu jitsu we also have this technique (kami basami). We use it as an defence for a strangle from behind (not a rear naked choke). It's a fun technique, but it's not a personal favoruite of mine.
    As I was told the reason for it being illegal in judo was because of a match between two of the best and one of them busted his knee on it and was forced to retire from competing.

    As always your channel have great material and a welcoming wipe. 🙂

  4. Sid DeHound says:

    Great stuff. I think with what I've learnt so far I could take a thug down either by strike or a move but in the back of my head (scuse the pun) I worry about their head hitting the ground, that can be fatal.

  5. Jarod O. says:

    I am just learning a similar move…(or maybe its the same…I am just not doing it right…..yet).
    Great information! And I always enjoy the humor. Thank you for sharing sir.

  6. RDG S. says:

    Well well well. A few lethal moves for old people willing to have their hips replaced. After that – use the prescribed walker as an ultimate weapon 😉
    But frankly I wouldn't recommend any technique that puts you on the ground – since in most (if not all) cases, there is more than one attacker.

  7. Vitality Gracie Garage says:

    You'd never get an americana armlock from side mount like that against a trained opponent. The Americana is very easy to defend. you might get it against someone on the street who doesn't know GJJ, but you'd never get it against someone with grappling experience.

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