Leatherman Blast Multitool/LGX-200 Flashlight kit



This special package is no longer available. Check out the ZombieTactics store at: An awesome value on two great bits …

11 thoughts on “Leatherman Blast Multitool/LGX-200 Flashlight kit

  1. MonsterHorrorBoy says:

    hey thanks for the heads up on this deal, I forwarded it to a friend and he got it. I really wish costco still had this deal going on, I was recently there and purchased two Cree tactical lights for 20 dollars. pretty neat lights! great video 5/5

  2. ZombieTactics says:

    I am using Roxio VideoWave for editing. This video was shot with a Kodak Zi8, but I recently switched to a Sanyo CG-10. The Kodak shoots great 1080p, but it's fixed focus, and that just didn't work so well for me. The Sanyo was onsale at Radio Shack for $149, and it's only 720p, but overall it work much better..

  3. zombie4569 says:

    Great Vid, what do you use for editing your videos? I just got a new HD camera and haven't even began to shoot yet, but I wanted to get all of my software setup…

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