Learning The Defensive Stance – Nick Drossos on BT Television (1 of 3)



Nick Drossos did three self-defense tutorials on BT Television. The first one was on “learning the defense stance”. This stance is also called the passive stance.

24 thoughts on “Learning The Defensive Stance – Nick Drossos on BT Television (1 of 3)

  1. david reutz says:

    Great to see you getting the right exposure, Nick. One thing that gives you the edge is that apart from your practical skills & knowledge, you've got the presentation ability. Great stuff!

  2. Grogan's Bully Proof & Kickin'Life says:

    Great stuff as always. Open hands, and set up a barrier with your hands & arms. – I like that you corrected her when she wanted to throw a punch. I only allow advanced students (who have been training for some time, and know how to properly throw a punch) throw a punch to the face. – Too much risk, very little gain, if any. Palm strike, eye gouge, face rake. 
    Thank you again for doing what you do. 

  3. Vex T says:

    This was great! Glad you are getting more exposure Nick, especially after years of hard work and dedication to your practical and effect methods of self defense any human can learn to easily do!

    Thanks for the upload.

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