Learning Silat's Dagger (Kris) in Malaysia



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11 thoughts on “Learning Silat's Dagger (Kris) in Malaysia

  1. Street Smart Self Protection & Weapons ! - RCI says:

    @jcyprianus thanks for the support mate,
    but just so you know.. I don't put Everything I do/train up on youtube.
    I am personally aware of what you are talking about as this is Basic when training the Kris. Also, I Love Melaka.. last time I was there about 3 years ago.. hope to go back in december.. not sure but yet.. Salaams

  2. Street Smart Self Protection & Weapons ! - RCI says:

    @kiekert2007 This is known as the dark side of silat. I have spoken with everyone I have trained with on this and I'm well aware of it. At breakfast on this day with this Guru we spoke about his own experience with a possessed Kris. That is he's personal story though and I will not comment any further. If you want my advice, go to Indonesia or Melakka (Malaysia) and get one custom made for yourself.. don't take someone-elses…

  3. Jack Cyp says:

    Good investment by coming here to learn the kris. Its quite different from the knife ya. Never stop learning dude. Again… go to melaka.
    After saying that, though I'm m'sian, don't neglect to explore how the indonesian use it… Last but not least… be very-very carefull while doing them drills ya. Sometime we forget the length of the kris, the distance between ourselves and our teachers or student-accident dude.

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