Learn to Throw Knives Quickly: Beginners Tutorial

My method for teaching knife throwing. Quick to learn and easy to understand. Go to Armybarracks.com for info and locations on where to buy gear and survival …

29 thoughts on “Learn to Throw Knives Quickly: Beginners Tutorial

  1. Alex Pilkington says:

    My question is, is there any practical reason to learn to throw knives? The big draw to me is that with skill you can throw knives, large nails, and even screw drivers in a pinch, but most of the time i would probably have a handgun so it wouldnt be preferable. Is knife throwing effective enough in combat to be a viable alternative in a pinch when firearms are unavailable? Or should i just work with cover to get in close. Do you think it is worth the effort to learn? Could it possibly save someones life?

  2. dimitri fortounis says:

    Thanks for the video, detailed and practical. If I may, one other thing that you actually did but didn't cover is to throw on soft ground where possible. Saves wrecking your knife on rebounds when you first get started. Concrete will tear your knives up.

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