Learn the different Ranges of Combat | Special Forces Close Combat Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

There are multiple “Ranges of Combat”. The ones I am talking about in this video, pertain to man to man (when I say man or men, I am talking about both …

43 thoughts on “Learn the different Ranges of Combat | Special Forces Close Combat Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

  1. Will Milam says:

    still a lot of room for improvement.

    1. if you have a shot at their groin, why are you concerned with their knee?
    if you just hit their knee like that rather than the side or back there is a good chance your kick wont do anything because your just pushing against skeletal structure

    2. going to the ground is fine if you know what your doing
    if your going into the rangers your gonna have a lot of experience here
    if there is any dirt/gravel/sand/mud, it would be a good idea to use it

    3.in the situation they grab the barrel and move it to the side exactly as you explained, there is an easy opening to hit them in the face with the butt of the gun, if thats not possible for whatever reason then you could always advance and push them up against a wall and start knee/headbutting them or if your lucky they trip on whatever might be behind them and end up on the floor

    4. instead of focusing on where to hit, it would be much more useful to focus on how to get around him
    if your approach includes trading blows with him from the front, your approach isnt working

    5. you mentioned having a sidearm, which would have been drawn the minute your rifle was gone
    also mentioned friends behind him. in that case you wont need your gun. being surrounded however, he may draw his if he hasnt already

    6. at exactly 3:45 is possibly the worst way you could have created distance. instead of jumping back (which you eventually did), you just put your hand on his opposite shoulder, he is now to the side of you and could easily lunge around your arm and apply a choke. ive seen several people make similar mistakes such as missed punches that cross or attempts to grab exactly how you did that ended up with them taking a nap.

    but everybody is different, so im not sure how practical these would be to you
    you seem to prefer to stay at a distance to them whereas my ideal spacing would be a forearm length between mine and the enemys torso, so there is a bit of a difference.

  2. Sold to be Diers says:

    Selecting the right rocks for the right reasons. Hell Fuzzy, Young David selected five smooth stones… when in the end it only took but one of the five to knock Goliath down to allow acess to his neck and sever it from his body. The other four stones to draw on, were for Goliath's Father & 3 other brothers, who for certain were watching from their battle line. Reckon David's *insurance thought was, blood's thicker than water. But the water of life he was toten in his heart was ready to put them other 4 fuckers fires out as well. Multiple Ranges Indeed!
    *''The art of living is more like wrestling than of dancing; the main thing is to stand firm and be ready for an unseen counter attack.'' -Marcus Arelius
    Thank's TR just catchin' up on the posts i'd missed along the trail. Keep the redistribution of ammo & armor comin'. -former sgt.11b4p 82nd 4318

  3. pacificswell says:

    These are terrible techniques! A lapel choke would end close combat instantly. I’ve rolled with jar heads & rangers that tried these useless moves then took a short little nap after trying them.

  4. fjamato says:

    More Donnie, please. I can tell from his calm, humble demeanor he would always be the most dangerous man in the room. I'm sure he has quite a lot to share and educate us with. Thanks gentlemen.

  5. Kemono Yama says:

    Grappling range, Punching range, Trapping range ,Kicking range and Projectile range… also it is misinformation about not going to the ground. Some combat styles live on the ground! With the popularity of MMA as a sport, you can bet that a lot of people are going to the ground as aggressors. I was taught to expect the fight to go to the ground and know how to fight from there. What warrior doesn't know how to fight from the ground? This guy…

  6. Hoosier Ed says:

    "superchickin 1" You are correct. That's why I always said Mike Tyson could be easily defeated (….or more correctly stated, defeated easier) in a street fight. No rules, all bets are off, anything goes. That gay shit you see in the movies is about as realistic as ice cream flavored poop!!! Street or combat fighting is ugly and nasty. It doesn't resemble the choreographed fight dancing you see on the screen!

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