Learn How to Strike in a Brutal Knife Fight | THE ART & SCIENCE OF MOOK JONG 2

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9 thoughts on “Learn How to Strike in a Brutal Knife Fight | THE ART & SCIENCE OF MOOK JONG 2

  1. xerogosth says:

    Come on!!, this is a video on learning to use a knife to protect yourself or your beloved ones in live-or-die-real-situations. Did you want to hear the trainer saying to treat your opponent with gentleness, love and care? Come on!

  2. xerogosth says:

    This people commenting above is just stupid or what? This is a video on learning to fight with a knife, or what? Did you think it was about playing dolls? Or learning to use the knife to cut vegetables or what? Come on!

  3. Devilonthebay says:

    Lets say I spit in your face and insult you. What's your plan? Run? Walk up to my face and fight and/or talk back? Once I pull out a knife, I can be a complete amateur with no training and still, grab you or hug you and slice and stab enough times to kill you from there in 10-20 sec. or less depending on where I get you.

  4. Devilonthebay says:

    The world would be more peaceful if everybody can do that. Knowing how to fight actually teaches you how to defend from what you've learned as well. If you don't know how to fight/defend, you gotta be pretty damn lucky to be able to run from the situation.

    I mean, there's a lot of scums out there that can just kill people for no particular reason.

  5. PaladinPress says:

    Please keep comments intelligent, on topic and constructive.
    Please watch the entire video and listen to what is being said before making a comment. We welcome constructive criticism. That means if you do not agree, please offer what you would do differently and why. The value in opposing opinions is that we all can learn even more from constructive discourse. But it must be civil.
    If you cannot conduct yourself in an adult-manner, you will not be tolerated.

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