49 thoughts on “Learn How to Punch Like a Boxer

  1. remix z3 says:

    I here to learn to street fight couse im fighting a frend of mine becouse a girl left him and he thinks its because me and he invited me to fight in 3 days i need to prepare and have luck pls support me

  2. sayian boiii says:

    The knuckles must be up in the eyes not the cheeks so you have a better defense in all of your face and when u throw a punch make sure that the other hand is stuck on your head just you u won't get punched while punching

  3. Carson Link says:

    I throw with my right hand and write with my left and when I box I dont know which stance to box from I'm more comfortable from an orthodox stance but I feel faster and strong from a southpaw stance, anyone have any advice to give me to figure out which style I should fight or should I Train to fight both ways?

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