Learn how to cope with the fear of being hit in a fight – Systema style



Fear Control Drill with Konstantin Komarov during seminar at Systema Miami. When done properly this drill teaches you how to cope with the fear of being hit.

27 thoughts on “Learn how to cope with the fear of being hit in a fight – Systema style

  1. Hey Hombre says:

    Train hard fight easy. A lot of people just cannot cope with the flash of light, the noise and also the smell that happens in an instant when punched in the face. You can spot this when people crumple from a shot that is obviously not powerful. This sort of training in the video is essential.

  2. Richard Shapiro says:

    ive done this with KK and it is a very different feeling than you anticipate. although he looks fierce, the punches felt very penetrating but not injuring. you could feel the impact going through your body and into the wall, it was INTENSE, but with the breathing and the other practices you do to prepare (this is not the first thing you do!) it was a really enlightening experience,

  3. yupug says:

    I find Konstantine has a unique way of getting you to overcome fear rather quickly.. and as I remember him saying at at seminar: ".. the best medicine for fear is to get punched correctly and well… ".. I could not agree more..

  4. lily ponce says:

    this is the drill has broken me soo many times…..brings such deep emotions out…cant wait till the day comes that I can handle this drill without breaking down… Thanks Konstantin!

  5. demonkidddd says:

    @bigglebinks actually its not learning to see fear in others, most cases result in moment that make the opponent think. when the mind is thinking, the body cant react. thus makes one vulnerable to attacks. make yourself accustomed to hits in different places, and keep focused on the task at hand, dont let your opponent make you think of other things than his body posture. here's the big part of the psyche, get used to it, make it your own. and react on situations

  6. bigglebinks says:

    @ttmwc its not just hitting, its training the psyche, learning to hit others the right way, and learning to see fear in others. but the main purpose is to train the psyche.

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