Le Picoeur | Broken Scissors | Doug Marcaida and Bastinelli Knives

Le Picoeur is unlike any knife you’ve ever felt or seen…YOU MUST SEE THIS STAB. YOU MUST SEE IT CUT. The only way to get this knife is by email the …

38 thoughts on “Le Picoeur | Broken Scissors | Doug Marcaida and Bastinelli Knives

  1. King Kimo says:

    I just bought the black Le Picoeur all I can say is "outstanding" it is surgeon scalpel sharp and it can do some damage, I am happy to add this to my collection and I highly recommend it for self defense!

  2. Left Jab says:

    simplicity? quite? S.H.I.T cutting human flesh is fuckin mess, blood every fuckin were… even if you know the human anatomy, still a very slow messy horrible way to kill a person regardless if is self defense or not… and a painful way of die… I rather use a gun and just silat or krav Maga or run…

  3. Pettro says:

    Sorry about my english. I got my Picoeur yesterday. Black ,115 EUR. In my opinion – its most useless blade in my collection(more 200 knives ). Something like Boker Urban survival. In video its look bigger. Is it small? No. Its DAMN SMALL. Useless small tinny blade . Not for self defense or knife fight. Maybe for some precise cuts on paper or other origami shits. I think D.Marcaida and Bastinelli man are short peoples with small arms and they can use it for slashes. But for others with large hands it is ineffective. Handle is to short and blade hide in palm . You can only stab someone with hammerfist and penetrate in 2 cm may be with very tiny blade. I think no pain and shock effect there. Use ring as knuckleduster in Marcaida style? Better use your wedding ring. You can only walk arround an flip it lol. If opponent is dressed – its imposible to cut or penetrate for stop effect. You can broke this blade easy – its very tiny. Look in video how french man cut and stab. Not impressive on a rigid piece of meat. Again – in my opinion its overpriced half of manicure scissors. Nothing more. Ring is comfortable for large hands and not for small. But handle is short and comfortable for small hands. Oh yes in box i found card aces of heart with strange logo. Gothic print on handle is cool. Sheath is good and comfortable. Wana short invisible blade – take Max Venom karambite replica from china for 21 $. Wana "fighting scalpel " lol take Tops Stret scalpel or Hurricane razor from Amsler knives. But this is only fetish for Marcaida fans . Oh yes, Marcaida for self defense keep Fox dart.

  4. Evan M says:

    So is this part of your DART/DARK series? I assume knife 1 was the FOX 599, Knife 2 was the DART Tanto, and Knife 3 was the DMAX. So is knife is Knife 4 in the series?

  5. Tap02 says:

    Ummm…stabbing is obvious but those cuts are just a couple of stitches (less then ten) to heal. Kambit still is the best of the world you are trying to marry.

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