LARGE KNIFE TIPS #2: Sheath Carry Ons

This session of the large knife tips covers some aspects of what is good to add on to your sheath. Adding on an extra knife, some basic survival accessories and …

16 thoughts on “LARGE KNIFE TIPS #2: Sheath Carry Ons

  1. Survivalkraft says:

    Great video! Thanks for the shoutout again (both of them)! I especially love the camouflage bandana thing you have wrapped around the stuff in your pouch. That is a really good idea! I will have to steal that 😀

    I carry the same rape whistle. But I go out to the street and keep blowing and blowing on it, but no woman shows up to rape me! Unfortunate…

    I think the idea that you should not carry that stuff on your knife came from Dave Canterbury…or I should say, a misunderstanding of Dave. He says repeatedly that you should not put things like a ferro rod on your sheath, but with the caveat that you should not do so if that is your main gear and not a backup. I can agree with that pretty much. I keep a knife, ferro rod, and compass on my belt and around my neck. But ultimately the key is just to keep up with it.

    My POV is that if an item is "mission critical" then it should be tethered to me. So as a backup, I tether my knife, through the lanyard hole, to a belt loop (I generally beef up one or two belt loops on all my pants with extra stitching) using paracord and a large carabiner. So if I am running or jumping and the blade slips out of the sheath, I can retain it. Or if my sheath breaks off my belt, I can retain it. Or even if my belt breaks, I can retain it.

    Wonderful video as usual, bud! You do a fantastic job…as does Carlyle!

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