Kung Fu VS Knife Street Fight Tutorial

A tutorial that explores the various Self-defense techniques utilized to defend against a knife attack. Sifu Wang Bo is invited to …

38 thoughts on “Kung Fu VS Knife Street Fight Tutorial

  1. Hinz Zimmler says:

    Libtards in this situation would just fall on their  knees begging for their life. lol  Libtards hate self defense, they rather go run and cry to a police officer.
    I train in MMA and this video is accurate. Beating up bad guys is much better than being their victim. lol

  2. Michael Saumure says:

    Not saying that a skilled fighter cannot take down a knife wielder, but when people make these videos they should have the knife wielded a bit more realistically.  I would also like to see their techniques against a trained knife fighter.

  3. Mightierthanever says:

    Medium range knives mean shit. I train with the TOP ROCKER. Natchez Bowie VG1 San Maii. 12" blade with a 5" micarta handle. Doubt very much you would enter this blades range and ability to lop off limb both wood and human. I have trained in Wing Chung Kung Fu In Hamilton Ontario at Neworld Martial Arts.

  4. Manifest Clandestine says:

    Any reputable school does countless hours of live blade training in their curriculum. Most likely they used a training knife to demonstrate to promote safety and not encourage untrained ppl from trying to replicate what they "saw on Youtube". Probably the same reason they decided to post low level techniques, in Sil Lum (Southern Shaolin) you can expect to see these around green sash, the very first knife attack defenses you learn. No respectable practitioner would post anything more than that.

  5. Manifest Clandestine says:

    Contrary to most things you see, there are actually a couple effective techniques shown here. The over-under and step-through armbar will work if executed while maintaining the backlock on the wrist. One of my favorites b/c you can clear the knife right w/ your left hand on a right handed attacker and when you butterfly your grip, bring the weapon back across the attackers body slicing across their chest before the disarm. Low level green/blue sash techniques..saving their good stuff no doubt

  6. vicochico says:


    in defending against a knife ones movements should have as less tecnique as possible, to gain speed, and moving as natural as one can. the pure sight of a knife should put us in a 100% alert state of mind allowing us to react naturally to whatever movment the attacker may do. the knife should also be as far away as from the body as possible and our attacks should be to the bodys most sensitive parts, as it is a life or death situation. check out this guy

  7. holla vince says:

    kicks are the most dangerous thing you can do to yourself in a street fight…you lose defense, balance and sense of direction sometime. off-air kicks like this will most likely get you killed

  8. 4c00h says:

    well i have to agree with you on that, im more of a bjj/muay thai guy but since ive moved to south america i carry a glock so i probably wouldnt pull a knife on anyone

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