KUNG FU REPORT VOL 2 Epi 2 Fighting From Seated Position part 1 – Adam Chan

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14 thoughts on “KUNG FU REPORT VOL 2 Epi 2 Fighting From Seated Position part 1 – Adam Chan

  1. Adam Chan says:

    All classical low stance like cat, bow-arrow forward and back , dragon-twist, horse, half horse, 1 knee kneel, etc etc are all really just transitional things, not fix posture – they have many good application when sitting down. Even better when standing up and suddenly disappearing, works great w hands, better w weapon. Can be use to set up jumps, power shots upstairs or use as leg breaks, take down etc etc. BUT absolutely none of that will be applicable for me if I cannot hold the posture properly, strongly and being relax. Nowadays it is extremely difficult to get someone to first hold a posture , because they say it's "impractical", so they end up moving on too fast to the "applications" but without a foundation, techniques just becomes more things one knows but cannot pull off when things go live.

  2. bl33kselderij says:

    Interesting, but the answer is basically: get out of the seating position ASAP. What if that is not an option? For example, you have a seatbelt on, or you are in a wheelchair? I understand you'll be at a huge disadvantage, but those are the interesting scenarios 🙂

  3. Kevin Wilkes says:

    classic Adam chan my name is Kevin, I am from Chicago, I have been watching many teachers on YouTube but I enjoy your concepts, I have asked a teacher from you tube, if you have nerve disorder, epilepsy, wear braces on knees , osteoarthritis, if you have disability how do you prepare for self-defense, if you could do a video it would be nice, thanks Adam chan, classic

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