Kung Fu Report Epi 7: Knife Fighting and human stupidity – Adam Chan

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23 thoughts on “Kung Fu Report Epi 7: Knife Fighting and human stupidity – Adam Chan

  1. pizzulo81 says:

    Maybe to defend against bad people that are sociopathic and have no value for human life? I'm pretty sure that the majority of people that look on YouTube for knife fighting/martial arts are people who have been bullied/victimized their entire lives. They are not bully/offensive minded people. Besides, it takes thousands of repetitions to become second nature reactions. A bad person will not have the need or see the reason to put in the time for it. Since they're never the "victim" in violent encounters.

  2. Kristoffer Sundh says:

    Great and sound advice to the instructors of FMA. I don't teach offense and defensive knife work in a students first year, and offense work is selldom that I do with other people than trusted students.

    Thank you for bringing attention something very important !

  3. daboodeef179 says:

    I know in China there are the open-door teachings and closed-door teachings. open-door meant information given to everybody that wanted to learn, closed-door was the real teachings given to disciples that are trusted with the information.

  4. Gieszkanne says:

    I disagree with him that only the military should know that stuff. It would be the same to say only military and police should own guns. BUT it shouldnt be open available here on tube. And here are also some lethal weaponless stuff. I often have the same thought that criminals and also kids see this. Children maybe even just tried something out in a brawl and dont know what damage they can do with it. But its also shown in modern action movies like Jason Bourne etc. so youtube isnt alone a problem.

  5. Michael Billings says:

    Very important. The truth is I have been exposed to both sides, and absolutely, why present it to anyone that has the time to watch a YouTube video, regardless of intention or position in life. After all, It could be the very information that leads to someone losing their life!

    The big difference in the two approaches is intention, which comes from outcome. Adam said the one is defensive in nature, which it is. It is a context inspired by learning, flowing, enjoying prolonged training sequences and both parties agreeing to be there, and knowing what the outcome is. You go home, eat dinner, have a shower, all is good. Maybe in a fighting or attack context, you have tested it? trouble has found you, somehow you've done it enough for it to surface, you have range on your side, and it saves your life? If so, good deal!

    The other is darker, much darker and stems from one outcome, to end a life with the most efficiency, meaning the quickest way, with the least detection, and without emotion, empathy or value toward human life. As much as the methods honestly intrigue me, I do agree with Adam, they should only be available to military. Actually, I would say a must is for a person knowing the dark stuff to be of high moral character. But the question becomes, why is there a need to know it at all?

    Two very different intentions. One is a learning tool that can be used to play with overt and dynamic movement, or subtlety, it's a creative process, an introduction to a skill set. The other, is a refined skill set, targeting, planning, and follow through, and for one purpose, to kill.

    Man, "not cool" is right!

    The question as to who should know this stuff, and the reasons for intrigue are many and uncertain and vary greatly. What is certain, anything of this nature should not by any means be put out there, for just anyone to see, to interpret, and use, in whatever way they wish. What a scary potential!

    Thank you Adam for talking from the heart on this one. So important. Most people wouldn't share intimate details related to their past or family for strangers to view! Likewise, they shouldn't be showing sensitive information regarding methods that not only is personal and detailed, but also potentially very harmful and destructive.

    Thank you again.

  6. Sabastian Clay says:

    I have to say as an X royal Marine, I'm very appropriate of your point on deadly force training. I wish more people would apply your philosophy to there channel content. keep up the good work and all the best in the future my friend.

  7. Robert Wallace says:

    Thank you. I totally respect what you're saying and agree with many-if not all- of your points. In a time when the almighty dollar can buy knowledge, and the hunger for violence is growing–older, less profitable, more character driven models are becoming more enviable.

  8. Eric Hicks says:

    Your exactly correct, I study wing Chun from a law-enforcement officer, if he was to teach just any Joe blow who comes in off the street how to effectively hurt somebody without evaluating who these people are morally, I would confront him about not being selective, and if he did not comply to uphold better morals, I would have no problem leaving his facility.

  9. Jean Reotutar says:

    I do think it is reasonable to teach civilians how to defend against a knife attack. The situation does happen sometimes and people should know how to protect themselves. Great video and channel btw.

  10. Ki11bot says:

    "Why would someone teach that stuff?"

    Short answer is not everyone trains Civilians. Also, to understand the attacker, it helps to know the attacks.

    Trust me, I get what youre saying. I made a bladed defensive counter vid a while back and it was good stuff, and one of my instructors reamed me for it. lol

    I just think not only is the flow stuff good, great even, the reality of assault must be learned from both sides. If you truly want to understand it.

  11. outofthebox7 says:

    Finally, a moral instructor that realizes the effect of information on others. Refreshing. The other day l saw a woman teaching how to break a persons neck. Of course l commented on it. American society is being brainwashed to the point that a persons life has no value and that killing is the only choice. Why train to kill a person when you can train to effectively maim him?? Because killing makes you look cool and strong?? To who?? Immoral brainwashed Idiots?? What then has your society molded you into?

  12. Filippos-Orestis Sorogkas says:

    the question is not why they show this stuff.The question is how these instructors were taught.
    a teacher is described from his students in the end.As a man is judged by what he leaves behind.
    stop paying the doucheb** who haven't the morality and the courage to go further in their training instead they stick to killing and not healing.

  13. Musik says:

    Another great video. Yes the attackers are definitely getting smarter, from what I have read about knife attacks, the attacker's never show you the knife, even if the attacker has no ma training, there still cute enough to get close, hoping you don't see the knife before they cause serious damage, there is a great video on YouTube with Dan Instanto knife attack, demonstrated on a police off. Worth a watch

  14. Eric Jones says:

    good points, the majority of the blade/stick work shown on youtube is not effective no movement just feed me line 1,2 or 3 however the fact that a knife is introduced it must be respected and as such its really about surviving with as little damage as possible! the idea that you can be stationary and parry a knife attack is a sure recipe for very bad day. I respect the blade but i am fearful of a skilled practitioner who understands how to strike with movement.

  15. Dilan Turhan says:

    I just found your channel and i think you are very nice and have a great way of thinking..can i ask you : how many years have you been doing martial arts and what kind of styles ?

  16. Dylan Basu says:

    Thank you, i think your stuff is effective. Good job on protecting society! It is important for people to be consciously aware of how to make right decisions and be a good person. 🙂

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