Kung Fu Lessons | Women’s Self Defense | Defend Against Hair Grab

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14 thoughts on “Kung Fu Lessons | Women’s Self Defense | Defend Against Hair Grab

  1. Garantia COBIA says:

    The technique is so ineffective that the women are having trouble applying it even with coaching and close supervision, I can only imagine what would happen should they try to use it in a real life situation!

  2. Shelling Ford says:

    Hey, I've been watching your videos for some time now and I really like them and I think it's a great thing how you are doing them. I'm not doing any chinese martial arts, but I've been doing Aikido for about seven years now and actually I find a lot things you show very similar to what we do – less in terms of technique itself (since we do not have punches in Aikido), but in terms of using the energy of the opponent.
    I'd really like to start wing chun, but I do not have the time currently, since I have to finish school, but I try to do some drills everyday and I'm also learning the Siu Nim Tao.
    Thank you so much for the effort you put into this!

    The first lock is called Kote-gaeshi (小手返し) which simply means "wrist-turn". Actually I think it's very likely, that you'd do the same in Aikido, if someone grabbed your hair.

    I have one question, I'd like to ask you: How can you use the energy of your opponent, if he is not commiting to his attack so that you can not use the energy (e.g. a boxers left hand jab)?

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