9 thoughts on “Kung Fu Knife Defense

  1. Roycesparks1 says:

    Great video, thank-you for sharing this valuable wisdom and knowledge! Only a couple of comments, the first is that the majority of knife attacks happen with the blade held outwards, slashing can happen organically as a result of the moment, so the downward angle might not be the one to continuously train for. Second, the interception with both arms has your veins exposed to the blade on one side and your vitals completely exposed, he simply needs to slide his arm down your arms and he's in. Last, final note, of course you need to slow it down for both the body mechanics and the demonstration, but it might be helpful to see it working only once at full speed, even if you are only working with a rubber knife. But no, I don't agree that this is bullshit, any body mechanics that work in the moment are golden, these are just some thoughts and questions for you to address if you hopefully do another video on this technique. Thanks for the posting, time and effort it takes to make a video!

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