Kung Fu Knife Defense Techniques : Kung Fu Self Defense Tips: Knife Awareness

The most important thing in self defense against a knife is an awareness of the blade itself and its location. be aware of the surroundings as well as the blade …

20 thoughts on “Kung Fu Knife Defense Techniques : Kung Fu Self Defense Tips: Knife Awareness

  1. Gerome Egans says:

    but once again the way that your training Partners hold the knife to a real person who trains with a knife that's the wrong way to hold a knife I lose distance to be a knife fighter you are a distance fighter remember your blade is always sharp razor sharp oh yeah in a real knife fight it won't be able to see that night and how he's holding that knife you don't have that luxury quit teaching b*****

  2. Gerome Egans says:

    I will pay for you to come down to my school and try that s*** I will give you gas money and pay you for your time because that ship will get you killed with somebody who knows how to train with a knife

  3. osummuso says:

    Put that on top of 30 years MA including far more CMA than you will every train, teaching people like bodyguards, security consultants and israeli trained weapons strategy operators their jobs, I can at least know I know the difference between an artery & a vein, which you canntot.

  4. osummuso says:

    Hush child, having looked at your comment trails here, you consistenly display childish arrogance and have a potty mouth.
    If you bothered to read, you'd already know I have no radial arteries.
    I've had open heart surgery and a femoral artery graft as well as four sets of Angioplasty.

  5. osummuso says:

    Then you have found the solution to your own problem.
    You must be consistent in talking shit if it's not just me saying so.
    People who DO know better, don't like seeing bullshit, that will get people killed, being taught by morons with no relevant experience, nor an ounce of brain matter!

  6. GryllsAutumn says:

    every time and i say, EVERY TIME i comment on a martial art video i get a response from a guy who ALWAYS studied martial arts at least 20 years, 30 is kinda overrated these days and i've also had a guy who trained 50 years,can you imagine? so he was at least over 61 and knew exacly how to use a computer! so excuse me when i say i don't people on internet. I mean at least try to convince me by writing down those martial arts i " haven't heard of " instead assuming that i don't know shit.

  7. GryllsAutumn says:

    Ignorance….Main arteries and veins are, like he said on the inside of your arms, so i don't see what he's doing wrong. – power is irrelevant – There's a huge diffrence if he's just scraping your skin or penetrating your left/right lung.

  8. GryllsAutumn says:

    You're probably a kid or very stupid, ofcourse no one will attack slow duh?! it's the essence to train slow and work your way to full speed. Like many people say: When fighting against a knife you're most likely to get cut it's up to your training to try and keep it non-lethal.

  9. osummuso says:

    For starters, arteries are more relevant than veins.
    "Power" is irrelevant with a knife.
    Ignore anything from expertvillage. Their cookery shows are equally bad.

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