Kung Fu Knife Defense Techniques : Kung Fu Knife Grips

Having to use a knife is a last resort but if it has to be used the proper grip can make a huge difference. Hold a knife correctly with these tips from a black belt …

24 thoughts on “Kung Fu Knife Defense Techniques : Kung Fu Knife Grips

  1. Gabriel Geer says:

    reasons to use a fwd natural grip: very powerful, secure, versitile, better range then reverse (you lose almost 4 inches with a reverse grip!), simple (simple is better w/ loss of fine motor control), natural like pointing the finger, better for deffence and offence, on and on…
    however the reverse has its place too!
    I hope the practitioner has thought twice about this since posting. never too late to learn.

  2. CNCTEMATIC says:

    errrr, there's a lot of bullshit right here. You know NOTHING about a person's skill from the way they hold a knife – that has to be one of the biggest myths in knife work. Go up against a guy using sabre grip and assuming he knows nothing is very, very dangerous.

  3. SVÄNÄRi X says:

    On basic grip the slashing power is much much more powerfull, meaning that you only have to back up 10cm your hand to slash again when you had slashed.

    Free tip; Stabbing is for idiots.

  4. Darth Yautja says:

    I disagree, and i dont like the fact that he holds the knife in the rear hand, limiting his range instantly, reverse grip is a limit to range aswell, better up real close, a good knife fighter will be abale to interchange between both grips, when needed.

  5. bulletproofKevlar says:

    i've been studying kali and well amatuer fighters tend to fight the way he was describing, he's sort got it backwards…wierd he had more attacks and combonations when discribing the first tech, but was more limited inthe second..yet said you were limited with the first, savate adn kali tend to use the second more then the reverse grip , the reverse is more of a killing blow when you have the opportunity

  6. ABEL1840 says:

    To defeat your enemy doesnt means to bury him. Learn who was a nun called Wing chung.
    There are to different things, one is The art of fighting and defeating your oponent and the other is the art of killing using martil arts techniques. Martial arts come with its philosophy.

  7. StopMoColorado says:

    I'd love to watch these "credentialed" clowns go up against someone actually trained with a knife. This stuff is PURE crap. I've studied knife for years in knife-centered arts (Silat, FMA's, Systema), and this garbage will get you killed FAST. Running is by far a better alternative to this guy's knife techniques. Search for "Vasiliev Knife" or Prasetya – real knife fighters (and I know this from experience – my teachers have actually stuck men with knives, and been cut and stuck as well).

  8. Nyx & Hemera says:

    true, very true….indeed talking about range its important, considering the lenght of the blade and the flexion of the arm, how much it could be? enough to save your life probably, but, if you watch closely, the arm movement its alot more predictable in the normal grab, as in the other grab has more posibilities, also the other video shows that blocking and dodging are easier agaisnt the normal grab.

  9. Nyx & Hemera says:

    im not sure whats theyr story, but i guess the channel just sponsor you to make videos and then upload them to youtube, getting about 5-8 videos per person or lessons would naturally result in such a massive amount of videos, thats…actually my guess XD

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