Kung Fu Knife Defense Techniques : Kung Fu Inward Knife Slash Defense

The inward knife slash is a difficult one to defend but with proper training the victim can be prepared to defend him or herself. Prepare for the worst with these tips …

21 thoughts on “Kung Fu Knife Defense Techniques : Kung Fu Inward Knife Slash Defense

  1. Obsidian555 says:

    No offense to any of these "youtube" users, but you guys are being pussies. Be more optimisic. Many of these techniques do actually work, if you learn them perfectly through hard full-speed practice and can execute them with lightning speed. Some of the techniques are limited, but many aren't, okay?

  2. Small Business Marketing with Marc R. Enriquez says:

    That instinctive "keep my knife" attitude is also the most dangerous part for the defender, because it's the return direction that usually does the cutting. While certified in a Korean art, I've pursued a degree in the Filipino arts, where they teach not just blocking and disarming, but how to flow with the knife movements as it changes direction in space (and it will – even the beginner will try to "fake out" his partner several times).

  3. Small Business Marketing with Marc R. Enriquez says:

    I'm a traditional MA instructor too, but unhappy with our std. knife defense curriculum. Put a rubber training knife in a beginner's hand and tell him, as an exercise, to cut/stab a partner who'll to try and stop/disarm him, and that beginner will unwittingly reveal why these techs don't work. One simple (and VERY likely to occur) adjustment to render this useless: that with each quick slash or stab, the attacker will also quickly pull the knife back to him just so he doesn't lose his knife.

  4. Paul Gerald says:

    I do not mean to knock this teacher but these techniques are very risky and improbable of working,nor do they follow basic kung fu principals why would I want to go against the direction of attack,follow and borrow not force against force

  5. hudders128 says:

    thesearelike advanced methods based on the person not crapping themselves and being ale to intercetp a full speedhookwith their weak hand towithin an inch onthe vertical and 2 on the horizontal. My adviceis… run away orbuy a gun!

  6. zeruel31 says:

    How do you know and to tell you these Martial Arts do work and it is obvious most of these people on these comments don't know it because they are critizing the Martial Arts.

    Of course Europeans never did understand the Chinese way of fighting!!!

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