Kung Fu Knife Defense Techniques : Kung Fu Downward Knife Slash Defense

As seen in the movies, the downward knife slash is defendable in many ways. Prepare for the worst with these tips from a black belt kung fu instructor in this free …

27 thoughts on “Kung Fu Knife Defense Techniques : Kung Fu Downward Knife Slash Defense

  1. Julien Masson says:

    I can see that you never encountered a real situation… Please dont try that when someone really wants to stab you or the only thing you will succeed in doing is getting slashed or stabbed…

  2. OperationEndGame says:

    None of this kung fu techniques will work against a real knife attack… LEO and Military trainers know FMA's the real deal in knife attack and defense…. Even the overhead knife attack in this video is a joke.

  3. cesaretibr says:

    (…) Knives are REALLY difficult to defend by empty hands, no matter who you are or how skillful you are. The action is always faster than the reaction, science prove it. If you are facing a knife the best defense is to step back and keep yourself out of the range, always. Try to block a knife is the same to try to block a gun shot: you will be ALWAYS injured! Please keep yourself safe as your students do not using this kind of technique. Thank you for your attention!

  4. cesaretibr says:

    Dear Sifu Dan Schmidt, my respect! These techniques will not stop a real knife attack no ways. These techniques are not reality based. Attackers will not be so collaborative nor predictive as shown in the video. Watch your position in 0:19 as an example: If you try this block, the adversary will simply cut your hand out (depends how sharp the knife is, but possible) by pulling down the knife against your wrist, or will stab your left lung with a fast circular movement. (Continue…)

  5. Saiyan Prince says:

    @DerSpartaner I just thought of that. You can't just stop his motion with a block, cause he's coming at you full force.

    Therefore, I figure a good defence against this would be to go with the motion, rather than against. As he stabs, stay low and move to the side. As he stabs, grab the top of his hand and continue using his motion against him, so you stab him in the leg. Of course, you have to be lightning quick doing this and extremely experienced to. How's that sound?

  6. Alfheri says:

    I am an experienced knife fighter and I know that this won´t work because of some elementary facts:
    First: If you want to stop a downward thrust you have to use your whole forearm or you won´t stop it that easy.
    Second: 0:25 There is no reason why your enemy would let you snap his elbow joint when stabbing with power.
    Third: 0:20 This SEEMS to work, because he doesn´t stab him. Watch closely he stops his motion AND he doesn´t really stab to the defenders direction.

  7. VtheGreatOne says:

    @fishguru73 Having been in a personal tussle with both a bigger person with a weapon, I would say that this video does have it's good points. One, getting low and extending is a good point. The rest, no. The person with the sharp weapon wields with less exertion than the person without. You want to be on the outside of the knife, so side step with the opposite hand and windmill their arm and then when your are sure their arm is close to being pinned to them, use a two on one take their hips.

  8. Sgagnot says:

    @DragonZord90 You couldn't be more wrong. But frankly I'm getting tired of discussing it. I'm wondering why you are so keen to defend this crappy "technique". Is he your "master" or something? Are you the developer of this defence system or what?

  9. Sgagnot says:

    @DragonZord90 I never said traditional martial arts suck – your assertion. I know where Krav maga comes from, and I know that it's a system composed by techniques that work and have been tested in real situations. It doesn't matter if you call it karate or something else if it works, which the shown technique never will.
    There is no reason in training a technique, which is flawed and will get you hurt. Problem is, that you have confidence and will act on a false basis with this.

  10. Sgagnot says:

    @DragonZord90 It seems to me, that you have little or no experience with self defence. I suggest you go take some different classes. I would advise some krav maga.
    You don't have to try the "technique" shown in the clip to know it will never work. First of all, you are likely to miss your block, since you aim for the attackers arm and only block with your hand. Secondly, if you manage to get it right, you will probably break your wrist on a power full 100% attack. Then you die.

  11. Eli S says:

    @SuperSayjinElite No, it wouldn't, unless you like being foot swept. Plus, there is no way you would get wrist control in this manner, during live wrestling.

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