Kung Fu Knife Defense Situation 2

A tutorial that explores the various Self-defense techniques utilized to defend against a knife attack. Sifu Wang Bo is invited to …

7 thoughts on “Kung Fu Knife Defense Situation 2

  1. OperationEndGame says:

    Apparently Wang Bo forgot that majority of forward knife thrusts always have a follow-on attack, and sidestepping without feeling where the weaponized hand might go next is downright dangerous… There is a reason why LEO and military trainers apply FMA to their CQC training regarding knives….

  2. MechPhantom says:

    @nkosi8472 haha yea man thx for the advice u rock bro ! see you, but still for me the most easiest, and fastest to learn is krav maga, so thats why i have to say krav maga is the best hhaa. peace bro bye

  3. nkosi8472 says:

    @MechPhantom krav maga is lethal but yet it depends the amount of training you put into it personally il just run away first thing and if i ever got caught in a situation like this damm im kicking to the groin or poke in the eyes anything to avoid getting stabed. yeah to somone who hasnt trained this its pretty complex at the end of the day train train train and it becoms second nature just like walking so i wouldnt call it pretty unrealistic.

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