Kung Fu Knife Attack Defense Situation 5

A tutorial that explores the various Self-defense techniques utilized to defend against a knife attack. Sifu Wang Bo is invited to …

2 thoughts on “Kung Fu Knife Attack Defense Situation 5

  1. Matheus Avila says:

    Now, to anyone who doesn't know proper wushu, THIS would be an easy way to have their jugulars shaved open OR sliced cleanly.
    Really, many people will try this with an actually sharpened knife. And they WILL gut themselves. Accidentally.
    Maybe you should add an "Must be faster, stronger and smarter than your 'victim', or you WILL KILL YOURSELF doing this" warning, just to, you know…
    Warn little Kung-fu Panda fanchildren that they aren't Jackie Chan v.2.0.

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