Kung Fu Knife Attack Defense Situation 1

A tutorial that explores the various Self-defense techniques utilized to defend against a knife attack. Sifu Wang Bo is invited to …

9 thoughts on “Kung Fu Knife Attack Defense Situation 1

  1. MechPhantom says:

    this so called "monk" is trying to steal money from ppl lol this shit wouldnt work i promise you that, spinnig like that will get even the most experienced monk killed, what more kick his hand. If he fakes and then stab while his back is facing him, bye bye wang bo

  2. MechPhantom says:

    @JangNicky but by being honest, this vid of him showing self defense , really fail big time and can get him killed pretty fast no doubt. Gotta respect him though for sharing some knowledge at least

  3. MechPhantom says:

    @JangNicky he seems ok, ihv seen what he can do in vids , didnr really impress me though, still its pretty good, he seems like the typical "shaolin" monk of today u know what i mean. I have to say though hes quite fast with his hands and not very with his kicks. Also remeber hes god but theres someone even better than him out there ,that is stronger ,faster etc than any shoalin monks too. Basically there are alot already =) peace

  4. Nicky Zhang says:

    @MechPhantom This is WangBo just teaching the basic defense against knife attacks. He personally has his own methods that he's perfected during his training as a Shaolin Martial Monk. If you'd seen him IRL, you have trouble keeping your mouth closed at what he can do, both performance-wise and combat-wise. Shaolin Kungfu is meant to be fast and control your opponent the second a limb is vulnerable, even if it's a feint attack.

  5. Nicky Zhang says:

    @NLkijker WangBo was an authentic Shaolin Martial Monk before coming to the US. He has more than enough training in combat. I happen to have seen and talked to him in real life, and yes, he can do that IRL…at the speed.

  6. MechPhantom says:

    @NLkijker i bet he get stabbed , dead in seconds. I mean what if the guy fakes/feints a stab then he goes doing that spinning thing, then the guy stabs him for real while he have his back turned. Lol funny , its never practical only for choreography

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