Kung Fu Fighting for Self Defense : How to Escape a Knife to the Throat with a Chin Drop



Learn an anti-abduction Kung Fu technique to escape a knife to the throat, in this free self defense training video. Expert: Ike Bear Bio: Grand Master Ike Bear …

22 thoughts on “Kung Fu Fighting for Self Defense : How to Escape a Knife to the Throat with a Chin Drop

  1. Robert Spiegel says:

    You are the biggest bullshit artist I have ever seen. You should have to pay someone to watch this manure. You could not fight your way our of a paper bag with a pair of scissors.

  2. Jeremy West says:

    I'm curious how you would counter a knife-attack from behind like this, but with the assailant's body pressed to the victim's back. This lifts the body enough to hinder its ability to provide efficient torque.

  3. GhostGaming says:

    One screw up and your dead but with practiced moves it might work. Also if the assailant positions himself wrongly you could just elbow him in the groin…he'll more than likely drop or lower the knife while in pain then you could either run or drop him…just a thought. I dont know how that all would work…

  4. c23am says:

    Nar I think this would work if u know what ur doing, get it right, and do it fast, I mean, there's not a whole lot more u can do from that position. I think it works biomechanically, just.

  5. Alanvalentinus Nala says:

    Fair besides Negotiation I dont know a better defense, not that im an expert.

    However, that is just SUCH a BAD position, you can be completely screwed in SO many ways. There are So many targets that open up before and during that defense.

    It just seems to me that You would be better off spending your time learning how to Not get in to that position.

    P.S. Any one who seriously wants to learn to defend them selves should learn deescalation, a little Social Fu goes a long way.

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