Kukri (Khukuri) or Gurkha Blade vs Ballistic Gel Head



Thrand and Eldgrim Test the Medieval Shoppe Real Nepalese Gurkha knife or Kurkri against a new improved Ballistic Gel Head! They show off the new mold …

36 thoughts on “Kukri (Khukuri) or Gurkha Blade vs Ballistic Gel Head

  1. Jim Boe the First says:

    Almost looks like one I own but my blade came dull, I still like it just needs more work on the edge. And I would have gotten another one but when I went to repurchase they was out of stock at that time.

  2. Phil Hand says:

    I would love to try this with my EGKH AEOF Kukri. It's almost 2 pounds of hand forged 5160 high carbon leaf spring steel and it's almost an inch thick. It would destroy that dummy!

  3. Robert the Bruce says:

    Hey, I really enjoy your videos, they're interesting. I would like to make a request that might be a bit different.
    I see a lot of testing for armors like iron helmets and mail on your channel. However, AFAIK the vast majority of the Viking raiders didn't wear either. How about testing some more common forms of protection? Perhaps multiple layers of linen/wool gambesons (I've heard that linen actually provides surprisingly good protection), leather/fur (which I'd imagine a lot of Vikings would've worn given the climate in Scandavania, the relative ease to produce and  the good protection, although I could be wrong hence why I'm requesting the test). There are so many metal armor tests on TV and YouTube, but doing something different like this might make your channel stand out 🙂

  4. Ames says:

    I would be very interested in learning how the Gurkha warriors fought with this if they faced each other or other styles of fighting like when they fought Japanese soldiers and officers. 

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