Kuciang Lia knife demo Pauh Pencak Silat

This is Kuciang Lia, the Cat style. In this movie a little basic knife fighting techniques. Their sassaran is located in Padang, Sumatra.

16 thoughts on “Kuciang Lia knife demo Pauh Pencak Silat

  1. Kucing hutan says:

    @TRUNASUCI….with the most regard……I think the word 'lia' in Sumatranese means wild or 'liar ' in both malay and indonesian….so the term kuching lia means wild cat…correct me if i'm wrong…

  2. noblehatred978 says:

    Some want to argue just to be heard ,I can see a lot of benefits training like this .
    you can get so much from just the fact that you are reacting to movement .
    Its so easy to sit home and tear down other people .
    I think these guys are doing a great job ,it's not meant to be a real attack ,it's an exercise. great job!!

  3. garukoe says:

    I know it's kinda late, but it is established that the origin silat – or silek – in Minangkabau area already existed in pre-Islam period. the fact that Islam influenced some aspects of silat in the are is a new development.

  4. TRUNASUCI says:

    If i"m not mistaken, one of the Lian silat ( i think Lia is called in sumatera and Lian in Malaysia ) grading finale or penamat is blindfolded, put both in sarongs and knife.. the fight, whoever been slashed/wound is fail..

    so i think it's aswer your words dude 🙂

  5. Pendeka Sutan says:

    If you had read the extra text about this clip, you would know that this Silek is from Padang, Sumatra.

    Religion is not important for performing martial arts. You study and practice martial arts with your heart.

  6. padraiga says:

    I think it's a basic drill that helps a student deal with initial trapping and also overcome the fear of a blade coming at you. True, that it doesn't reflect what would happen in a blade fight, but then again, it appears as a beginners level and the practiitoners are white belts.

  7. Pendeka Sutan says:

    not posting a video like this?

    you don't seem to get the point what martial arts is all about…

    this is just a demonstration, there just juru's or kata's for practice

    the techniques can be very dangerous and effective in reality

  8. KuKulzA28 says:

    looks like good fighting practice… semi-realistic but controlled with techniques practiced…

    I don't practice Silet, I do praying mantis style kung fu, but its good to see legit martial arts practice


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