KravHow to Survive a Carjacking

How to survive a car jacking. Car thief wants your car and you need to defend. Ryan Hoover from takes a pragmatic, realistic and a NO BS …

32 thoughts on “KravHow to Survive a Carjacking

  1. Eddy Lockhart says:

    The best way to survive for the majority of us that are not weapons trained and super heroes is to just give them the piece of shit we are driving. Unless of course you want to die for the sake of $40 worth of pressed tin and plastic.

  2. Edgar Bravo says:

    If ur tactic practicing assessment is 1st, did the jacker want just the car or is he or she willing to kill, and the assessment of this happens very fast. If ur not willing to assess this then just put ur hands up and tell the jacker ull do what ever they want and u will give them what ever they want. survival 1 is to get out of this alive and little to no damage to urself.

  3. Charles Holdridge says:

    Give em the vehicle no materials are worth your life, also to be on road it must have insurance. Truck that nice I would have full coverage, let it go…people no reaction is as fast as the original action. It's simple physics and at no time in this video does anyone show the real power struggle that is going to happen when 2 have a hold of the gun, people like this should be held liable for the bullshit… period.

  4. baba ranjit says:

    Thanks funker tactial for sharing these videos. They are all eye opening and inspiring. Because of your channel I have found out so much about all these great teachers. I found out about Fred Mastro from watching this channel and then went to his seminar recently which was so fun and I learned so much. I hope one day to meet Ryan Hoover and go to one of his workshops. So again, thank you GN and funker tactical for sharing these inspiring videos. Peace and blessings.

  5. Dominic Curley says:

    Ryan is awesome. He is one of the first instructors I've heard say I don't know. Especially when you train with instructors who have all the answers. Whether there answers are practical in defense or not.

  6. emtmartinez1989 says:

    Hey man I love your work and your straight forward lessons. I make my living driving between three major cities in Southern California. LA, Palm Springs, and San Diego. Where would you suggest I go for carjacking defense lessons?

  7. MasterJoao PT says:

    Dude, I don't understand, when they have a gun they keep a distance, most likely they say get out of the car with ur hands up and move away with the gun pointed at u, so u just go away and don't engage?

  8. Mayhem Six says:

    Loved that he said he would not say "this" is what you should do every time. That to me proves he's a polished and intuitive instructor, remember situation dictates. If you take anything from this please let it be when he said it depends on how much you train for the different scenarios. You don't need to go crazy about it just go get in your car and walk through some things and do a mental walk through as much as you see fit. It could be a game changer when you need it the most. Also practice with your kids and spouse without instructing them so you can see what they would do out of instinct and naturally, then proceed to collaborate or instruct. Good job on this one guys.

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