Krav Maga vs MMA (Part 1)

World renown Krav Maga instructor Ricky Manetta shows MMA Strength and Conditioning coach Funk Roberts how to escape from a choke or getting strangled.

22 thoughts on “Krav Maga vs MMA (Part 1)

  1. Jean Jean says:

    The problem is that it's only work with someone who doesn't move man vs a stronger person if you are close he will catch you and throw you like a pilow and if you try to hurt his eyes man he can move his head even if you hurt him bad. Man think about that you always work motionless person when people is moving it's not the same i think.

  2. Michael Beadsworth says:

    In my 10 years training I have never seen any MMA fighter or BJJ guy strangle someone like that… I don't think we will any get a good video surrounding the question of which works better because i can never find a video that isnt bias towards krav maga. In my opinion ( remember kids everyone has got one) if it is not used in mixed martial arts, then it's not effective enough. The day a krav maga fighter wins a ufc title i'm sold. Just don't see it happening sorry…

  3. James Belland says:

    now I hate Krav Maga trainers because they think they got the god of martial arts people are so ignorant now reason Krav Maga is designed to help Jews pre and post ww2 anti Semitic thugs you know what that means dumb ass there thugs there not trained to fight so people argue that Krav Maga win because because it a combat fight and kicking boxing boxing like mma muayi thi etc people say it competition martial art you know what if boxer of any kind if he training for self defense it's deferent 2nd weapons like knives guns etc a martial artist can learn those things separate without Krav Maga and Krav Maga is a fighting system when I say martial arts judo karate teakwondo etc and am not including Krav Maga and systema in to this so it's the individual and the training who ever thinks Krav Maga will beat other martial arts and etc they are ignorant because there definition of trained fighters what you referring to a retarded thug are a boxer

  4. mirco1205 says:

    Krav Maga wasn´t designed for streetfighting, it was designed for Army Self Defense and Killing. The problem is, that most KM Organisations don´t teach the military style ( which is not wrong because in a streetfight you don´t wanna kill somebody just because of your trained reactions ). Actually there are two Krav Maga Styles you can learn in Israel. The "civilian self defense" and the "real" Krav Maga Military Style.

  5. Charlie Warden says:

    By definition Krav Maga is a Mixed Martial Art. It mixes techniques of all the major martial arts. Anyone that goes to a Krav gym that's affiliated with KMW gets BJJ training, Muay thai, Boxing, Karate, TKD, etc. It's a Mixed Martial Art. Bas Rutten agrees too and wrote and advised KMW curriculum. I'd still address the choke first. Using your logic of "you might not hurt the guy" if he's bearing down on your airway with a choke and your palm strike to the nose doesn't work? Doesn't take much for that strangle choke to put you out. Address the choke first. The rest I agree with

  6. O Serper says:

    IDF Krav Maga has a completely different approach to this.
    when it comes to the original system, you better learn it pure.
    Krav Maga and MMA do not go hand in hand. they are completely different.

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