Krav Maga vs MMA | Is Krav Maga 1000 x Better Than MMA? (For Self Defense and Street Fighting)



A lot of people ask Krav Maga vs MMA fight who would win? Is Krav Maga or MMA which is better for Self Defense. Is Krav Maga legit? In this video I’m going to …

12 thoughts on “Krav Maga vs MMA | Is Krav Maga 1000 x Better Than MMA? (For Self Defense and Street Fighting)

  1. timst4543 says:

    Two points, 1. Krav Maga was "battle tested" learned in the trenches and developed to save people's lives in the Jewish quarter against fascist groups.Life and death were a factor in the founding of Krav. MMA doesn't kill anyone. Life doesn't have weight classes, referees, a cage or rounds. That being said, I don't understand why people always pit Krav Maga vs MMA as who would win a fight. Both are taught similar punches, kicks, wrestling and BJJ. A jab is a jab no matter who throws it. Krav training also goes through the same conditioning as MMA so who would outlast a fight doesn't make sense to me either. My second point, the Israeli Army has adopted Krav Maga as their fighting system. People say that Krav only works on untrained fighters doesn't make sense either. If you think MMA fighters are the best conditioned then I challenge you to watch videos on MMA fighters doing boot camps and military training. Israel is surrounded by people who want to wipe them off the face of the earth. Do you think they spun the wheel on martial arts and decided to take just anything? It stands to reason that Krav maga works not only on untrained fighters but also against highly trained and sophisticated warriors who are battle tested and are trying to take your life. The Isreal military is going into battle against other highly trained militaries. Think about it.

  2. Francesco Bernardin says:

    First what does stop an mma trained guy to kick someone in the groin in a street fight?Nothing, and don't tell me "they are not trained to do it", because if you can kick in the belly you can easily kick in the nuts, if you can punch in the face you can easily punch in the throat or poke in the eyes.Btw even kravmaga guys doesn't kick anyone in the nuts in training, they simply kick the pads like the boxers do, so even they aren't trained to do it in real situation.
    Second, please stop taling about defending about multiple opponents.Try to incapacitate 3 person with 3 groin kicks/ throat punches/ eye pokes before they are on you blocking with their weight and before the maul you with a barrage of punches and kicks.If you can handles distances is way easier boxing with them until you can escape, but knocking out them hitting vulnerable points when they are 3 – even 2 – on 1 is impossible.

  3. GirlsHave Wieners says:

    If an MMA fighter and a Krav Maga practitioner had a fight to the death, the mma fighter would win. The krav expert is trained to try and end the fight quickly and get out of there however, it will mostly only work if his opponent is untrained or unexpecting of it. The mma fighter is trained to fight until he can’t fight anymore or has stopped the other person. Although the Krav Maga guy trains to kick the groin and poke the eye, he isn’t trained to keep the fight going. The mma fighter isn’t trained to poke the eye or get the groin but he or she can keep the fight going and can still block groin kicks and eye pokes.

    Krav Maga is use full against untrained people.

    People with weapons

    People who don’t expect to get counter attacked

    Possibly Multiple attackers

    Mma is better for fighting a person one on one.

    Again I believe that the mma fighter will more likely defeat the Krav Maga expert in a unarmed fight (even to the death) because even though the Krav guy is trained to do groin strikes and eye pokes he isn’t trained to keep a fight going. The mma fighter can keep a fight going and also pick up how to use eye pokes and groin strikes with ease.

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