Krav Maga – Training (part – 1) Israeli super secret workout

Только драки, только хардкор, только на этом канале фильм – крав мага тренировки часть 1 ——————————-…

43 thoughts on “Krav Maga – Training (part – 1) Israeli super secret workout

  1. Mr. Coolypoody says:

    that looks sooooooooooo retarded he is doing a mix of martial arts and its a bussiness if u want real technique do judo or sambo but this is self defence for kids and btw why is it so secret if its on youtube

  2. nikto45 says:

    sorry, but much of this is nonsense. I have trained in martial arts since I was nine years old. I can tell you the first break fall they show is wrong. you do not break fall by falling into a push up position. guaranteed you will break your wrist in a real situation. The most common injury in a street fight/attack is a broken or sprained wrist from falling. you never reach with your hand when falling because that increases the chance of injury to the wrist. The punching is wrong because there is no power. You cannot generate enough power from standing upright and pivoting on one foot. you need to drop your weight in the center and punch from that position, much like a boxer. that is where the power comes from, which includes the hips. Guaranteed you will get killed or beaten if you try any of this stuff in real life. learn judo and get into a boxing gym, both will be sufficient for you to handle yourself in any situation.

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