KRAV MAGA TRAINING • The fastest Knife disarm

Fast Knife disarming technique for street threats and robbery. How to disarm a knife pointed at you quicky! disarmo di coltello: minaccia. Starring: Luca Goffi …

44 thoughts on “KRAV MAGA TRAINING • The fastest Knife disarm


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  2. kknos says:

    Seguo e approvo molte delle vostre tecniche ma su questa mossa sono in disaccordo con voi. Un agressore con un coltello il braccio armato di coltello non lo tiene né teso e né
    immobile, e un minimo movimento di quest' ultimo ti affetta la mano con la quale cerchi di fare la mossa indicata.
    Io consiglierei di non farlo.

  3. Bobby Bobby says:

    this guy is good……. the first technique should be done palm dowm instead of palm up ……even if the attacker remained perfectly still you could cut your wrist on his weapon…..

  4. H. says:

    Well, ok. Interesting. But from a typical person without any Martial Arts, Krav Maga, etc. training, how do I disarm a knife if someone is grabbing onto you (from in front of you) and is about to stab you in the neck? … (I really hope no one has to experience anything like this)

  5. thehound ofulster says:

    To all the people saying this is bullshit and cannot work: can you please show me some techniques that might actually work, in your opinion ? (let's assume you do not have a gun or a machete and you cannot just run)

  6. Christ Follower says:

    It is highly unlikely that this knife defense would work in an actual life threatening situation. In this demonstration, the attacker is giving you is complete cooperation. He is letting you knock the knife out of his hand. In an actual street attack, most assailants would move very very quickly, and in all likelihood they would probably slash your arm, face or possibly thrust the knife into your abdomen before you would have the chance to execute such a "choreographed" defense.

  7. Sam Adam says:

    LOL try that in a real fight see what happens, youre going to get folks killed out there watching your Krav Ma-ass videos. you should put some warning statements Do not try this in a real attack for fuck sake GTFOH

  8. B R says:

    not sure how comfortable I'd be with some guy doing a demo kick to my groin area like that even if no contact was made. hope he was at least wearing a cup.

  9. Hey Billy says:

    I take Krav Maga and trust me. This shit works, I'm a cashier at the Waffle House, and if you don't know. The Waffle House has a lot of trouble. (One of the reasons I took Krav Maga) and I went our from behind the cabinet, to retrieve a purse that an old woman had dropped and she had a hard time picking it up. So, I get the bag and the guy behind her in line pulls a knife on me, and tells me to give him the purse. I then drop the woman's purse, and use the hand grab and groin kick, pushing his arm back behind him, then immeditly preshering the wrist, wich allows his fingers to loose all grip I then took the knife from him and he ran. (Luckily they caught him) but I have first hand expieriece with this, so anyone who says this doesn't work. You don't know what you are talking about.

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