KRAV MAGA TRAINING • The Fastest gun disarm (Tutorial)

KRAV MAGA TRAINING • The Fastest gun disarm (Tutorial). Fastest disarming technique for gun and pistol threats. Gun disarming. Safe and fast firearm disarm …

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  2. Philip Konrad says:

    Ako imam oruzije lod sebe u cu je poenta da tako blizu dodjem neprijatelju i da mi on izbije oruzije iz ruku.Al bi ga izresetao i ma ovu blizinu nebi stigao da mrdne malim prstom a ne rukom.Ovo pomaze jedino ako baba ide na tebe sa pistoljem

  3. Abrahm Carr says:

    If you're too clumsy for this then just grab the gun firmly, covering where the used casings are ejected, and make it fire a round in a safe direction. Waa La, now they have to clear the chamber or pull the guns slide back to fire it again. At this point you may proceed to kick ass with a much better chance of not getting shot. And dont worry, grabbing the gun and stopping the bullet from coming out or keeping the slide from going back far enough to load another round won't hurt your hands, getting shot is much worse.

  4. Glenn Degala says:

    It wont help your krav maga if i have a gun. I will stay a distance 2 to 3 meters from you what ever martial art you apply wont do from a bullet 12 shots loaded. The best way is to run and avoid fighting a man with a gun. Anyway its for self defense hehehe

  5. Sabeer V says:


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  6. Lyna Timera says:

    Ils serait temps de traduire cette vidéo en d'autres langues, je parle français et je ne parle pas anglais donc je peux suivre la vidéo seulement avec ses gestes et non avec sa paroles ce n'est pas normales sinon les gens qui savent parler anglais et qui ont un peut de temps libre vous pouvez nous aider en traduisant la vidéo c'est possible donc s'il vous plait aidez nous

  7. reirruc ronnoc says:

    Okay lets be real gptta ne THAT closr to do this idc how good a martial artist you are a fucking gun will kill your yeats of training in less than a second so hope the guy holding it is that dumb to be that fuckin close to you

  8. Karlo Moharić says:

    The reality is that if someone points a gun at your head at this close of range , you are in deep shit. Even if you try to disarm the person they can still shoot you long before you actually do something.

  9. Fagot Reich says:

    dont know if its a goid idea to grab a gun like thaz, if he shoots even if he miss, his hand will end up badly cut or burned. you dont hold guns by their moving parts thats a big no-no

  10. fakingtrels says:

    for these types of training they should have guns with led lights on the barrel that activate whenever the trigger is used; to see if some of these quick jerking movements cause an accidental firing of the weapon. All the videos I've seen so far have been with no trigger or no finger on the trigger.

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