KRAV MAGA TRAINING • How to survive a Knife attack (part 1 of 4)

36 thoughts on “KRAV MAGA TRAINING • How to survive a Knife attack (part 1 of 4)


    Often stabbings happen in your own home, as a result of quarrels between husband and wife, or between family members.
    Perhaps you think you can run like Usain Bolt, if you are in a corner of your kitchen? A lot of women die this way, and their killers are not ninja warriors, think about it.


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  3. Itz Leo says:

    Most of people wont be that expirienced,so i think as soon as you block and get one punch to the neck or heart,you pretty much can grab the knife and bring your self in a safe position.

  4. George Vogel says:

    Krav Maga does not claim to be a martial art. It is a self defense system built on fundamental body movements. I am a Bushidokan black belt. Bushidokan is the system founded by Jim Harrison. These techniques are so similar. I promise you they will work. You must have the attitude , that you will survive and walk away from the attack.

  5. Christian Truth says:

    Thats all bull just when the attacker knows your going to move they will move also to counter your move. The only way to counter a knife is with another knife, or if you don't have a knife just use any object to throw and run.

  6. Barny Fraggles says:

    Sorry I'm a bit naive but why isn't the first effort in trying to grab his wrist as he strikes? Wait it out, he tries to strike, swing out, grab his wrist and then do everything you have to do to ground him?

  7. Ray Cruz says:

    Krav Maga works, these techniques work. They just dont work all the time, there is no guaranteed move to win all fights because if there is then martial arts wouldnt have existed

  8. Robert R says:

    haha, this is exactly the same technique as in HEMA! More kneeing the groin though

    P.S. Against the multiple stabs, if the attacker knows what he's doing, won't he grab or push you with his left arm (like at 3:50) to stop you coming forward? Of course, being counterable doesn't mean it's not worth doing.

  9. RalK. 1998 says:

    Nojoda ando viendo este video porque aquí en Venezuela la delincuencia está brutal. ¿No tendrán uno de como defenderse de varios? Porque aquí no ataca sólo uno


    Os senhores poderiam fazer a reconstituição desta cena demonstrando a melhor técnica para neutralizar o agressor, seria interessante! Detectei alguns fatores que o colocaram em vantagem: Ele era muito ágil; Ele era bem mais baixo do que os policiais e estava golpeando muito eficazmente; Sua lâmina era bem longa.

  11. Andrea Battista says:

    bei video ragazzi, solo una perplessità, il disarmo. A mio umile avviso la lama vi passa troppo vicina al fianco nel momento in cui ve la portate davanti per togliergliela, e secondo me un pugnetto (non per critica, ma per il semplice fatto che anche Tyson minacciato da un attacco col coltello non darebbe il 100% nel pugno) non è sufficiente per rischiare un'impresa come un disarmo simile con un bersaglio ancora possibilmente vispo.

  12. Monroe Kelly says:

    Decent basic techniques for an untrained fighter. Against a trained knife fighter the presented techniques would only delay the inevitable. Well made video though.

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