25 thoughts on “Krav Maga The Best Defense

  1. jeffery williams says:

    After years of experience in several types of hand to hand combat I found this to be a great foundation. The instructor's here don't expect you to be a professional fighter after watching these videos, they only hope that those watching will continue practicing these life saving moves.

  2. Nancy paswatto says:

    How do you defend yourself when you are on the ground, being attacked in a choke hold, by someone a lot stronger than you are, but also, while they are choking you, they have their forearms overtop of yours, blocking you from moving your arms, due to their strenght?

  3. Agnos Fabrizio says:

    ciao complimenti per i vs video spiegate in modo chiaro e dettagliato.volevo chiedervi se per caso tenete corsi anche in provincia di milano o se no se potete darmi dei contatti di palestre nei pressi di rho(mi) grazie

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