Krav Maga – techniques against knife attack in Krav Maga LI



Krav Maga Liven International “The Last Developments” by ‘Kancho’ Raffi Liven (10-Dan) 2009.

36 thoughts on “Krav Maga – techniques against knife attack in Krav Maga LI

  1. iwannamynickagain says:

    I am practising krav maga and I was "fighting" for "test" with my 13 years old son armed with wooden knife. I got always slashed or stabbed in some way. In all of the cases generally I "won" but some of his hits could be very fatal. Don't count that attacker is so slow like in this video. Even a child with a knife can be very fatal for you. Take the knife into YOUR hand and imagine if you can be disarmed… Before you start thinking that you will be the hero who disarmed attacker watch some CCTV footage from knife attacks. If someone is going to stab/slash you he will be doing it exactly like your self as attacker. Learn to fight with knife first to know how to defend against it. Count that you will always get slashed / stabbed somehow if you will be involved in such fight.

  2. AL008100 says:

    i have improvised the methods for a blend of krav maga for basic defense for untrained people in simplicity. 
    1) stop the threat. This is the most important. 360 defense wrist to wrist to neutralize the danger and stop immediately risk. The action must be swift and with the blade of you're hand correctly at the attackers wrist.
    2) counter damage ( if possible together).
    You won't last long once you stop the threat, so you need to counter damage immediately. The easiest punch in a stress situation is the punch to the 'jaw'. Yes it can break you're knuckles, but the trauma will immediately rock you're attacker. Its the lowest risk of missing and straight up can cause them to become shaken. This is you're best bet. Kick to the groin is slower and there is a balance issue as you need to get to 1 leg.
    3) Neutralize.
    The is the advance stage, after (2) you should be able to run away reasonable. But if the attacker is faster or escape is risky, Neutralize is the key. This focuses on 2 area. more stopping the threat. Hand grabs, weapon strip and more damage, hammer fist, knife wounding. Unless you're attacker is trained or heavily muscled after 2) you can keep it simple  

  3. holysoks1 says:

    I'd like to start this  comment by saying that the techniques here are still valid to an extent, especially if you've drilled extensively and in an aggressive manner.

    The punch to the skull should be replaced with the hammer fist to avoid damaging the knuckles, and the fact that it's a much more natural/easy to drill attack from that position.

  4. Bebozita says:

    Little Hints*  What he does in the beggining of the video, he punches the head with his knuckles ( big no no) , a hammarpunch in the head is much better. And in owerall it's very difficult to understand what he is doing because it all goes so fast. So if you don't have krav maga experience this is little tricky, but the best thing you can do is to  scream, block 360¤ , kick in the groin and run.

  5. rut119 says:

    Finally i found the answer of fight against knife. Take the user's vital point is the first priority and then take the knife or run. It make sense people can move because they still see and breath then prevent it. Thank you

  6. DufniallNO says:

    I think it is because time slows for demonstration purposes. In normal speed he has already incapacitated you from using the knife anymore. This is also demonstrated in many of his examples.

  7. ua751920 says:

    for most of the fight techniques that this style of street fighting/combatives teach the main thing is the explosive nature of your response to a threat. it's not that the attacker might not think of retracting the knife it's that you respond so quickly and aggressively that you don't allow him to – don't give him space or opportunity to retract. it's a principal based attack not technique based – you hit fast and hard.

  8. Ilan witwit says:

    Yea I find the techniques in this video very odd. I come from a Filipino Martial arts background primarily (for weapons and dirty boxing) and this is very counter to what I teach.

  9. LigoniVI says:

    I know little except the basics of a few martial arts, but I must say Krav Maga seems beautiful. It's animalistic in its survivalist nature, and with the hard aggressive counters.

  10. Richard Luntz says:

    dont like the movement where he attacks he knife bearing hand by pushing it past his neck area to do a movement- i have been shown and practise plucking the knife down and use body motion to move away and attack attack attack-just my humble opinion (a kravist student)

  11. Taha M says:

    bro don't think like that there could be multiple enemies also you have to get to the neck but how will you i you don't know this defense ?

  12. m2karateman says:

    Agree. A person who attacks with a weapon sees that as their strength, and it instinctively try to continue the attack with that object. Neutralizing the weapon (knife in this case) means that they are momentarily frozen, and during that time a successful counter attack can be launched. While I agree that one should not completely focus on the weapon in their defense, the goal should be to first neutralize the weapon or limb that is holding the weapon, then launch your counter attack.

  13. Phil Smart says:

    Let's face it, if you're as good as this guy, go for a fancy move, but for the rest of us, it's 360 defence, punch, kick, pick up a chair and smash the sh*the out of your opponent.

  14. Steven says:

    Couldn't agree more. I was thinking the exact same thing when I was watching it. Why bother moving around and trying to be successful with grapples when his knife hand is free to move? Forget about trying to look like Steven Segal, keep it simple and stay alive.

  15. FMAStudent says:

    Actually a sub-machine gun is preferable to what you see up there. If that doesn't compute with you then go ahead and use your K.M. or whatever it is you believe in.

  16. FMAStudent says:

    Thank you, Levi. I commend you on your worldliness. To set the record straight, no matter what your background, culture, training, career, religion, or beliefs you have. Being stabbed with a knife is a very " serious " situation. Guess what ? An unskilled person can do it ! Yes, he can kill you even though he knows nothing and you've trained. in some art. A skilled knifer will never even let you see the blade. You'll just go on to the hereafter maybe with just " one " strike.

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